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Friday, 8 January, 2010

let them die

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I tried the “let them die” on a pug recently. Well not intentionally. but on the first simple little trash pull the ret pally pulls aggro and his health starts to fall, sale and I’m off there thinking about how much snow I’ve got to clear before I can get the van back on the road while tapping out Lesser Healing Wave on the tank, medical and suddenly there he is dead! Wow! And I wasn’t even trying!

Nothing was said, but you know what? He didn’t pull aggro again!

nuff said!

Not dead, not even sleeping

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It’s been quite a while since I last posted, cure soz. So what has happened in the World of Rummy??

I’ve reread some of this rambling and it comes fair and sqaure under the category of “Content Free”.

Before crimbo we went and bought a new motorbike, just in time for all the snow to fall, so much snow fell that very same after that we even had to abandon the van for a little while on the way home! So the poor bike has been sat in the garage for almost a month now šŸ™ I bet the battery has run flat!

I think I’m holding up fairly well on the “don’t waste so much of your time in WoW” resolution of a few weeks ago. Now that I can do a dungeon within a couple of minutes of logging in (being a healer has its perks) I no longer wait for a callout in Guild Chat. It does also mean I’m not really contributing much to GC either.

Like everyone else and their pet kitten I’m joining LFG random quite a lot more and unlike the kitty I may have found my vocation in life! The Pug Wiper! Yup, almost every group I’ve been in has wiped somewhere down the line. Is it my short attention span?

Because we’re all doing instances all of the time guild chat seems to have gone pretty quiet in general, one of the inintended consequences of the new LFG.

What else?

Oh yes,Ā  badges and loot. I’m slowly earning badges (I’m not doing that many pugs) and buying stuff, though the triumph emblems are coming in so fast it’s actually a little difficult to find stuff to buy, and something about buying minor upgrades doesn’t go well with my inherent stinginess. Especially since drugĀ has kindly listed all of the loverly stuff that drops in Forge of Souls – I don’t want to spend any badges on stuff I know is just lying there waiting for me to find it. (Not that I’ve had any luck at all on that front).

What what else?

Snow is getting in the way of everything, since it means I’m often not home till much later than usual, what with trains, and digging the Van in and out. Poo

Anything more?

Oh yes, one puggie kindly reminded me that there was a spell called heroism after we had downed the first boss in Forge of Souls.Ā Arrogant sod, I know that we’ll be at the second boss before it’s ready again. Anyway, he was sort of right, we wiped twice on that boss (I isĀ in your pug wiping your group?) so it would have been ready. This is the only comment I’ve ever had, which considering my record shows how pretty damn tolerant everyone is. I might be on hundreds of Ignore lists though!

owt else?

Scaring newbies! I rolled a paladin, in a moment of boredom and got a group invite from another level 2 priest (leysi – darkspear) in the starting area. We mooched around for a bit and I asked if there were totally new, not quite, they had a level 40-something. So I relogged, gave them 4 bags and a few hundred virtual gold. They was suitably shocked. Random acts of kindness FTW!

finished yet?

probably, oh, no, not yet– i’ve seen no micro hitches in ages – I blame the “Aloft” addon.

And finally…

If they’ll have me I’ll be raiding Icecrown on monday and shouting “Run Away” at every available opportunity! I’m still smiling over that one! It’s why you join a guild!

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