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Monday, 11 January, 2010


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Over christmass I went to see Avatar with my girlfriend. This is the first film I’ve ever seen in 3D.

Let me say this, there 3D does not make up for a poor plot. Everywhere people seem to be going “3D is the next big step since colour”. I’m afraid I’m not convinced. I guess this is partly because I had to keep closing one eye or lifting the glasses off my face to quell the eyestrain I was having. I’d be more inclined to liken 3D to the jump from stereo to 5.1 (and whatever it is in cinemas now), nice, but just not essential.

Don’t get me wrong, the 3D in Avatar is some of the best I’ve seen, carefully limited so you don’t have to focus on stuff far in front of the screen and otherwise well implemented. Far better than the unfortunate adverts that came before it which seemed to think that you should cross your eyes every 10 seconds.

But, the plot for avatar is a tad weak and definitely confused. Is it an action movie or a romance?

As a romance it fell down badly when romatic lead promised his undying love and “mated for life” while still sitting in a tin can totally owned by the big bad corporation and being scheduled to be sent home at the end of his duty. I’m sorry, but really I don’t think a lover I could identify with would put someone in a situation like that where they couldn’t even promise to be around in 12 months time let alone for the rest of their life!

Barry Norman once said in a critical review that he felt that the characters were doing things because it’s required by the plot and since then I’ve used that as something of a yard-stick. If they’re not doing it because that’s exactly what they would do then my enjoyment starts to fall apart. (Action movies are exempt from this rule)

And as an action movie you had to wonder what was the point of all that romatic fluff?

P.S. Sue had a splitting headache for the rest of that day and the next night. So I don’t think I’ll be watching much more in 3D, and I don’t think I’ll miss it.

spraying gold around like it was water.

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I was looking to pug [Razorscale must die] this weekend and noticed in the looking for raid screen that I was apparently not well enough geared for ICC [edit, remedy I missed this important piece of info out!]! Blimey 2 pieces of T8 and 2 pieces of T9 are not enough! So I went mad and hit the Auction house to try to upgrade some of the lower level gear. Basically the only non-badge gear that Flowersz was wearing that could be replaced with Bind-on-Equip gear was her bracers at level 213. Everything else either didn’t have stuff you could buy (with triumph emblems or gold) or I’ve personally flagged as being replaceable with drops from the Pit Of Saron.

So that only left [Black Chitin Bracers] going for around 2k gold or [Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers]which were going for around 4k gold. You would think this was an easy choice. Unfortunately my mind went on one of it’s strange journies and I opted for the cloth bracers. The raw mats came to around 2.5k and I found someone to make them (hi Warlockygirl). Now 500 extra gold for such a minor stat change is a bit much, viagra 60mg but my brain still hadn’t returned by the time it came to do the trade and I tipped a further 500g! Ouch!

So this is a warning to any guildies who are thinking of copying me. DON’T! The chitin bracers are quite fab enough as it is!

Anyway, drugstore that seemed to be enough, LookingForRaid now thinks Flowersz is well enough geared for ICC. Strangely it still thinks that even if she’s dressed in her brewfest gear.

I’ll soon have enough frost badges to replace the WispCloak that I’ve had since I first hit level 80, and not long after I’ll have enough emblems of triumph to go full T9 (though I’m going to miss the 1 second quicker riptides from 2pc T8).

PS.  I love wearing “around town” clothes when joining a PuG, it makes them worry 🙂

PPS. Rasorscale went down fast enough for the achievement and we only had two healers and no deaths.

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