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Tuesday, 12 January, 2010

Shopping in Iceland

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Not the store, treatment the Frozen halls.

I didn’t get to do the ICC raid yesterday, mostly because I couldn’t make the raid in time. I shouldn’t have signed up really. Anyway, what I hear is that the team wasn’t able to make much progress in there, which is a shame. If I were a raid leader (which I most certanily am not) I  think I’d probably try to “hand pick” a team, concentrating on the well geared players that I knew handled new enounters well and displayed amazing situational awareness. I know that there is a big enough pool of Munquis that meet this criteria. From a selfish point of view I’d like this because as a “B team”er I know that taking on an encounter with players that have already bested the content makes things a lot easier for me.

Anyway, this news has prompted me to take a closer look at Flowersz own gearing and using Drugs own post here’s what I have and where I think I’ll be able to get upgrades. AKA my “shopping list”… Please don’t take this as a loot ranking list, this is just concentrating on loot in the Frozen Halls and occasionally stuff available from [Emblem of Triumph] or on the Auction house.

  • Neck: FoS Heroic
  • Back: Pos N, (or Emblems of Frost)
  • Chest: T9 from Triumph or Auction House
  • Legs: Pos Heroic, or T9 from Triumph
  • Feet: Pos H, FoS N
  • Rings: HoR H, or Triumph
  • Main Hand: PoS H, HoR N
  • Offhand: Pos N (or Hor H)
  • Trinket: HoR H
  • Head: none
  • Shoulders: none
  • Wrist: None
  • Hands: None
  • Waist: None

So as far as I can tell I should buy the remaining 2 pieces of T9 which should be done by the end of the week, and then run any of the Frozen halls dungeons in normal or heroic. Probably prefering PoS Heroic for the Mace upgrade  which would be a huge upgrade and give an extra a tiny chance at the Battered Hilt and a chance at the boots upgrade. And then going back to FoS Heroic for one fo the two neck pieces.

In excruciating detail..


Current: [Helmet of the Crypt Lord] – ilevel 245, ToC Anub
Sidegrade: [Nobundo's Headpiece of Conquest] – ilevel 232, from Triumph
Downgrade: [Helm of the Spirit Shock] – ilevel 232, from FoS H
Downgrade: [Conqueror's Worldbreaker Headpiece] – ilevel 226, Triumph
Downgrade: [Polished Mirror Helm] – ilevel 219, from PoS N


Current: [Frozen Tear of Elune]- ilevel 226
Upgrade: [Arcane Loops of Anger] – ilevel 232, from FoS H
Upgrade: [Love's Prisoner] – ilevel 232, from FoS H


Current: [Nobundo's Spaulders of Conquest]- ilevel 232
Downgrade: [Frayed Abomination Stitching Shoulders] – ilevel 219 , from HoR Normal


Current: [Wispcloak]- ilevel 200, from Auction House
Upgrade: [Cloak of Kea Feathers] – ilevel 213, from ??
Upgrade: [Cloak of the Fallen Cardinal] – ilevel 219, from PoS N


Current: [Conqueror's Worldbreaker Tunic]- ilevel 226,
Upgrade: [Thrall's Tunic of Conquest] – ilevel 232 , T9 from Triumph
Upgrade: [Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate] – ilevel 245, from Auction House, not a lot better than the T9 and no set bonus
Downgrade: [Shroud of Rime] – ilevel 219, from PoS N


Current: [Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers]- ilevel 245 – crafted and dead expensive, I’d go for the [Black Chitin Bracers] if I were you
No Upgrades here for me.


Current: [Nobundo's Handguards of Conquest]- ilevel 232
No Upgrades here for me.


Current: [Girdle of the Farseer] – ilevel 245
Downgrade: [Strip of Remorse] – ilevel 232, from HoR H
Downgrade: [Windchill Binding] – ilevel 226, from
Downgrade: [Girdle of the Dauntless Conqueror] – ilevel 219, from


Current: [Valorous Worldbreaker Legguards] – ilevel 219, T8
Upgrade: [Blackened Ghoul Skin Leggings] – ilevel 232, from PoS H – better than T9?
Upgrade: [Thrall's Legguards of Conquest] – ilevel 232, T9 from Triumph
Sidegrade: [Black Dragonskin Breeches] – ilevel 219, from PoS Normal
Sidegrade: [Leggings of the Snowy Bramble] – ilevel 219, from ToC Heroic


Current: [Greaves of the Earthbinder]- ilevel 219
Upgrade: [Mudslide Boots] – ilevel 232, from PoS H
Upgrade: [Soul Screaming Boots] – ilevel 219, from FoS Normal


Current: [Heartmender Circle]- ilevel 245, Triumph
Current: [Spiteful Signet]- ilevel 219, from FoS Normal
Upgrade: [Oath of Empress Zoe] – ilevel 232, from HoR heroic
Upgrade: [Band of the Invoker] – ilevel 245, from Triumph. (Drug says:stronger if you raid and cast a lot of chainheal, it?s very good, even with the spirit)

Main Hand

Current: [Infection Repulser]- ilevel 200
Upgrade: [Surgeon's Needle] – ilevel 232, from PoS H
Upgrade: [Hammer of Purified Flame] – ilevel 251, from  [Battered Hilt] quest
Upgrade: [Bone Golem Scapula] – ilevel 219, from HoR N
Upgrade: [Mariel's Sorrow] – ilevel 219, from

Off hand

Current: [Aegis of Damnation]- ilevel 200
Upgrade: [Protector of Frigid Souls] – ilevel 219, from PoS N
Upgrade: [Shriveled Heart] – ilevel 232, from HoR H, (Drug says stick with the Protector)


Current: [The Egg of Mortal Essence]- ilevel 200?
Current: [Binding Light]- ilevel 245
Upgrade: [Ephemeral Snowflake] – ilevel 232, from HoR H

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