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Thursday, 28 January, 2010

Back to shield again.

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A couple of nights ago I helped a newly dinged guildie through Normal Pit of Saron and Hall of Reflection and won me a [Protector of Frigid Souls]! It’s like Blizzard have been checking up on Drug’s Frozen Halls resto loot post and making sure that resto-shammies get stuff from this list. I think the only think I’m missing now are the [Mudslide Boots].

So my very brief foray into wooden-staves is over and it’s back to a shield and metal.

So I’m back with:
[Surgeon's Needle] and [Protector of Frigid Souls] (MP5 heavy combination)
[Unspeakable Secret] (haste heavy)

Unfortunately the staff doesn’t really stack up too well against dagger and shield. Except that I’m not having mana issues and haste seems so desirable when you see the multiple health bars dropping like stones. So the choice seems to come out as the staff for 5 mans & mobility fights verses dagger+shield for 10 man endurance fights.

I’ve been looking to see if I can get an even better staff, hair but┬áthere are only two I can find within my “reach”:
[Cold Convergence]Anub’arak
[Enlightenment]Eydis Darkbane

both in ToTC

One hand tied behind my back

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Raided last night on Malygos and we were hitting the enrage timer, no rx for several reasons really. Anyway we decided to respec one of our three healers to DPS. We had two resto-shamans and a master healing Druid, breast so it was one of us shamen. There wasn’t really any question, more about the other shammy has far more experience at playing DPS and probably had mucho better gear. But we still went through the whole “Who’s a better healer?” debate before accepting that we should be asking: “Who’s a better DPS?” with its obvious answer.

Now, you may remember I no longer use recount, so I can’t really say who actually was the better healer last night. But last week I uploaded a ToTC raid log and, on that night, I did technically “top” the healing meters, only by a┬ápercent or two. Anyway, by that measure, we’re about the same.

But before I can engage “smug mode” there something else you need to know…..

Nymph was only playing one handed that night!

We are about equal in healing but only if she’s playing with one hand behind her back! Bah!

Respect to Nymph. /salute

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