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Wednesday, 20 January, 2010

Back on the road again

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Today, read for the first time this year, link  I rode into work on a motorbike! I am chuffed! no more hanging around waiting for trains. My working day has just got an hour shorter!

It’s not my bike though, cure it’s Sue’s new R1150R! What a monster, massively overpowered, but there were very sound reasons for buying it. To whit: it’s pretty much the last year that BMW made a boxer on a frame with lowish seat height, invaluable for short-arses like me. In truth a 400cc engine in the same frame would have been more than adequate.

When we gt the lower seat though I’ll have to give it back to Sue and inherit her older R850R which still rocks!

An extra hour a day! Imagine that!

I might even sign up for tomorrows raid now that I can be reasonably sure of getting home in time.

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