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Monday, 25 January, 2010

Pit of Saron

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This weekend I pugged another Pit of Saron normal bringing my total up to a measly 2 times on normal (according to the warcraft feed, view though I’m sure I’ve done it a couple of more times).

So I braced myself and set up to do PoS heroic. And I survived! With only one wipe on the trash up the hill. I did also snuff it on Garfrost in the last second or so. I’ll have to find out what I’m doing wrong there.

We even got the Don’t Look Up achievement in the fun cavern.

And I got [Surgeon's Needle], though if I equip that I have to use my lowly shield so I’ll be sticking to the [Unspeakable Secret] until and unless a nice sheild drops somewhere. I have to say, I quite like the staff, both because I’m fed-up with looking at the sheild and because I prefer its stats. If a heroic version of the staff drops I’m totally gonna be ninjaing it.

These new dungeons (and PuGs) are quite fun so far; I’m having to pay attention, do interrupts and generally blow cooldowns regularly which is more entertaining than Earth Shield, Riptide and DPS for a grand total of 5% damage done.

Next, I need to run PoS heroic a few more times (mudslide boots please) and start looking at Halls of Reflection.

I don’t know if its me, but as a healer I can get a PuG in a minute or so, if I take even a single DPS with me it takes at least 5 minutes or more.

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