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Friday, 5 February, 2010

When the tank blinks

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So, stomatology not a whole lot went on this week.

Our ICC raid got postponed and then cancelled through lack of sign-ups, not a total surprise since the only times we’ve been in there we’ve been collectively pwned.

I’ve been logging in daily and doing my random dungeon for the “frosties” and  my JC daily for the tokens which can be exchanged for 100g on the AH.

After that I’ve been either logging out or joining with guildies for another random or occasionally queueing for Pit Of Saron.

Randoms is easy, too easy; queue, grab a Griffon to do the JC and before I land I’m in a group and in a dungeon. Easy, but not too sociable. Anyway the ease with which we can all get into dungeons now is not all good news, I find that it steals my guild socialising time! I need to do much more fishing…

Watching people gearing up their alts is making me a little twitchy and I’m thinking about switching my off-spec back to elemental so I’m well enough geared to DPS. At the moment if I join a Guild run (always as healer) I occasionally feel like I’m forcing another guildie to switch from heals to DPS.

With the wonderfully geared tanks we’re seeing now the healing is almost too easy, and would give good “starter” practice for those who want it.

Unless the tank pulls the entire room while their healer is watching TV. Even with a full room pulled, like last night, if I take a dirt nap I sit looking at the Reincarnate/Release buttons for a minute or two trying to decide if it’s a wipe or not. Like as not, by the time I reincarnate the fight is nearly over without any help from me and no more deaths anyway, I feel a bit pointless.

So, as I was saying, I’m thinking about DPS again and though I love Enhancement it’s such a different style of play that I think I should perhaps go back to Elemental which should be reasonably similar, and start lobbing lightning bolts.  I’ve got enough Emblems of Triumph to buy 3 pieces of T9 which will give me way to much hit for a heroic and not quite enough for raiding, the remaining slots could be filled with my healer gear.

 So, as always, we’ll see.

Then I can start saving emblems for buying some Heirloom leveling gear for when I roll my Worgen Priest.

Oh, and the title? One of my guildmates was complaining that he was a rubbish tank and everytime he blinks the healer dies. I’ve healed him, he’s not rubbish, he’s learning. Each time I do a dungeon with him he’s better than the last time.

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