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Tuesday, 9 February, 2010


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Last night’s raid has reminded me how much I really enjoy raiding with the Munquis.

Unfortunately things are going quiet on that front with low attendance, opisthorchiasis certainly mine. Because I ride a motorbike to work; if the weather’s looking like it might contain snow I have to use the train and that means I don’t get home until after raid start time. So I sign up as tentative or not at all. So that’s another raid that doesn’t happen for me, and sometimes for the guild.

Then there’s the whole grinding for badges for gear front, which, like all grinds is getting to be a grind. I think I’m going to stop forcing myself to join LFG every day just for the frost emblems, it’s plain stupid! I’m slowly but surely getting wise to you Blizzard! Not that I won’t run randoms, just that I’ll be doing it with guildies from here on in.

So that’s one change I’ll be doing right away.

In guild there seems to be a general, slight, defection to the new kid on the block “alods”, now I’ve not played it, but I’m kindof imagining what’s happening there is that guildies are re-discovering the joys of leveling up alts. Only this time an alt in another world. Or maybe not.

I haven’t given it much thought, but  I’m beginning to wonder if a shakeout is needed. Perhaps a guild hop, or game hop, or, heaven forbid, going cold turkey. Though that last idea is not particulary paltable.

Spending more time “in-guild” should help me see how I’m feeling.

Pugging Raids

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Last night I did something that, sale for me, cialis 40mg was unthinkable a year ago. I joined a random group to do a “serious” raid. The main intent was to complete the weekly raid quest and down one boss, information pills in effect not so different from pugging Vault of Archevon, except that this was for the Ice Crown Citadel, a raid that in my opinion is non-trivial.

It went surprisingly well, we one shotted the first bosses (completing the quest), two shotted the next two bosses and made two attempts on the last boss, getting him down to 45% on our second try. I’m pretty sure that the first boss has been “nerfed” since the only other time I’ve seen him.

That we managed to get so far with just a collection of random players (no gearscore or achievement criteria) says something about the success of Blizzards “purchasable” epics. Or maybe it was an unusually good group, I’ve only the one experience to go on.

I quite enjoyed myself, but thinking back, I could have been playing solo with a bunch of AI “helpers”. Socially it was an empty experience with a complete lack of human interaction, just like pugging running random dungeons nowadays where it’s moderately unusual for anything to be said in chat at all.

So where does that leave me?

On the one hand I got to get my Raid fix, on the other hand I can see pugging whole-evening raids like this getting tired pretty quick. If I want to solo maybe I should hop on my Wii.

Gear wise I got a useless Enhancement shaman drop, typical since I’ve just respecced Elemental. I also ran a Random Heroic immediately afterwards and got myself a pair of [Mudslide Boots] so I don’t really know where to go from here gear wise.

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