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Tuesday, 16 February, 2010


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I just want to write this so I have something to remind me, thumb already it’s fading.

Woke up this morning knowing that there might be some snow, no rx and looking out the window, yes, there it was. A thin coating on the ground outside the house. Nothing too serious, the main road is certain to be clear. Descision made: Go in by bike and avoid the train.

By the time I left the house there was a little snow falling but not much and I made it to the end of the drive and onto the main road. By the way, it’s a shared drive, we’re not that rich! So, theĀ  main road had a very light dusting, but nothing important. I turned to go up the hill behind out house to see to the horses. Here it started being not so good, the light dusting on the main road was a light layer on this untreated road. I crawled up the steep hill in first gear without any problems though.

Horses done and the snow is now falling “properly” which is not a good thing when you’re riding a motorbike. Now I’ve got to go down the hill; put the bike in first so I can use engine breaking to control my speed while leaving my feet to skid along the road for extra support.

Going down the hill was the scariest thing I’ve done in ages! About half way down the hill the back wheel starts to slip occasionally and I want to put on the front brakes to slow down. But you really can’t do that on snow! So I’m stuck with going down the hill, no brakes and barely able to control my speedĀ even using engine breaking.

I was scared and my heart was starting to race! The only consolation I had was that if I went over it would be quite slow. Though lets not forget that I broke my ankle last year going “quite slow”.

Anyway, long story short, I made it to the main road, now covered in snow, and crawled home in first. Grabbed the van and made a rush for the train station in time to catch the train in.

Now that I’m here the weather’s fine and I feel somehow cheated that everyone else had a fine journey in!


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