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Monday, 22 February, 2010


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I got accepted into the Bad Apples this weekend despite a real stinker of a guild application. I’m quietly happy that I was accepted.  I’m moderately familiar with this guild from joint raids and I’m fairly sure that I’ll get along. The guild chat is at about the right level for an baldy “liberal” like me, information pills some innuendo, cough friendly trashing of other players. From only a couple of hours logged in they seem very like the Munquis in style.

Seedling is my new rank in the Bad Apples. It’s the bottom rank, tooth which I had to request. On joining I was instantly bumped to the next to bottom rank, Jonagold or some such, but I think I’d rather sit quietly at the bottom of the pond for a while before unleasing my own special style of misunderstandings and random spoutings. At least until I’ve had some time to familiarise myself. And at least until the weather improves enough that I can commit to some kind of raid schedule.

What with the weather making my arrival home time late and erratic I could see that I shouldn’t sign up for any raids this week, nothing like a no-show to create a bad impression, so I queued up on Sunday for an Ice Crown Citadel PUG. (did you spot the link?)

I got invited to a group after a while, I had some reservations since the first boss was already downed which usually means the raid had previously experienced difficulties. I was even more worried when it turned out that the group needed yet another healer even after I had joined. Fortunately one was found before I had finished working the Auction House and off we went. It actually went fairly well and Flowersz has now done the last boss in this wing getting the “Storming the Citadel” achievement and a new pair of boots – [Boots of the Frozen Seed] into the bargain. Is it just me or is there something just a little weirdly AI about that name? It puts me in mind of the old joke “Santa comes only once a year, but when he does he fills your stockings”.

So that was a nice pug, not all are nice.

I joined a Forge of Souls group for my daily and it stank. The first boss of two was down (again with the warning bells) and when I asked what happened to their previous healer I was told “they needed pruning”. Finally I arrived at the group, tossed Earth Shield on the tank, arranged my totems according to the group and sat to eat some haste food while seeing what “buffs” I could ask for, when I noticed the tank trotting off to the multi-faced boss! We did manage to down him but two of the DPS died. Serves them right! I gave them a little bit of my mind, cutting back on the swearing settling on “wallys” rather than what I was saying out loud. And I explained that it was a good idea to let shaman do blah blha blah before pulling. I don’t know if it sank in, probably not, they were probably just thinking “drama queen” and “yay! We won!”. Wallys! The only good thing was that it was over quickly and I got my two frosties (does that make me a pug whore?).

I’ve not mentioned the Munquis much in this post, and I think I should. I have seriously enjoyed my time with them and count many of them as friends, I keep running /who Munqui and adding them to my friends list. I am sad to leave. But I would be a sadder puppy if I stayed.

One Munqui suggested that it was the new LFG that had caused the decline, I’m not sure it can take all the blame, players are also just getting bored. LFG despite it’s overall “wonderfullness” definitely does have downsides. IMHO the biggie is a reward system that gives you 2 Emblems of Frost a day for running stuff as trivial as Utgarde Keep. Making doing these dungeons almost another Daily grind and stealing away the point of raiding as a guild. I’ll explain what I mean, I’m running just under a dungeon a day netting me 12 EoF’s a week. If I raid ICC for Emblems of Frost I can reasonably expect to get no more than 8 (2 per boss) per week, and more usually 4 or even 2. That on it’s own makes it feel like it’s only just worth it.

And let’s not forget the older places like Naxx, Ulduar and Trial of the big round room. No frosties to be had there. Even if it’s the weekly raid quest, players only down 1 (sometimes 2) bosses to get their rewards and don’t go any further, there’s simply no profit in it.

I raid for a few reasons, one: the companionship, two:the joy of rewards, and three: the challenge.  I’m at the point now where all that was left was the companionship, really nice, and it would probably be enough on it’s own despite being only one of the essential “food groups”. But it wasn’t happening making for a sad Rummy.

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