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Friday, 26 February, 2010


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Although I wouldn’t say looks were particularly important to me I do find that in WoW I prefer the looks of Gnomes and Draenei. I take some care with my character creation and with Flowersz I found that despite trying different “hairstyles” on her I ended up going back to my very original choice, drugs the same is true of my gnomes. These two races feel “comfortable” to me.

On the other hand the look of the human males is somehow too too “butch” which somehow feels like they are in denial about their “feminine” side, clinic and the human females are just too vacant.

Night Elves simply don’t look right to me, and STAND STILL for goodness sake!

Dwarves look OK, not “pretty” in any sense, but they do look “no-nonsense”, I could definitely stand to look at one of these. while playing 

And finally I’m looking forwards to playing a Worgen when Cataclysm comes out.

Almost a week in..

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So I’ve been a Bad Apple for not quite a week, visit web most of which has been spent waiting for the armory to update my guild so I could gain access to the forums.

My very first impressions? Remember though this is from less than a week’s worth of impressions with not a lot of “down-time” when I wasn’t actively running something,  so my impressions of the guild can be way way off the mark!

Guild Chat: I’ve not been reading the guild chat most of this week, but I have been surprised. It seems quiet for a guild with so many members on, maybe it’s just my login times. There was some name-calling last night, I didn’t pay a lot of attention, it could have been a couple of players “joshing” each other, I hope so, it wasn’t too heavy, but worse than I’ve seen before in GC.

Raiding: This is active, with a scheduled 25 man ICC run, a 10 man multi-day (I think) ICC run and at least one 25 man ToC run. I’m still sitting out on most of these until I’m happy with where I am. The one I attended was well natured though.

Forums: Now this is one area where being only a member for a few days doesn’t limit my “view” much. I have access to a reasonable number of topics, though I don’t know how many are invisible due to my rank. Obviously there will be officers forums. Anyway, again I was surprised. The number of posts a week is pretty much as per my expectations but there are a lot fewer completely “random” social threads.

Anyway, that’s all on less than a week’s experience, I’ll do another re-review just before the month is up.


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It’s taken as a given in the UK that the French are “touchy” about their language and don’t like it when it’s not used correctly. This is in any sort of “formal” activity, check I suspect that they are generally quite pleased when an ignorant englishman makes the effort to actually speak it.

The question that came into my mind this morning is why do the French get upset when their language is abused, but the English aren’t anything like as bothered. My first thought was colonialism, having a large number of “occupied” territories means that the “natives” are almost certainly not going to do a good job of “speaking the lingo”, but that falls down when you think that the french owned a considerable part of Africa and (I’m sure) several other countries including large swathes of Canada. So the “Pidgeon” explanation doesn’t seem to hold water.

Maybe it’s being conquered. We in England have been conquered a number of times, the last being the occupation that around a 1000 years ago. But to counter this, France on the mainland Europe have surely been conquered a few times, certainly within the last 10 centuries.

Maybe it was this, maybe it was because they’ve been occupied considerably more recently than us that makes them value their language so much more.

Maybe we British don’t care because we’ve got the USA talking our language with their diversity, or maybe we don’t care because that’s just the sort of culture we have.

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