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Friday, 26 February, 2010

Almost a week in..

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So I’ve been a Bad Apple for not quite a week, visit web most of which has been spent waiting for the armory to update my guild so I could gain access to the forums.

My very first impressions? Remember though this is from less than a week’s worth of impressions with not a lot of “down-time” when I wasn’t actively running something, ┬áso my impressions of the guild can be way way off the mark!

Guild Chat: I’ve not been reading the guild chat most of this week, but I have been surprised. It seems quiet for a guild with so many members on, maybe it’s just my login times. There was some name-calling last night, I didn’t pay a lot of attention, it could have been a couple of players “joshing” each other, I hope so, it wasn’t too heavy, but worse than I’ve seen before in GC.

Raiding: This is active, with a scheduled 25 man ICC run, a 10 man multi-day (I think) ICC run and at least one 25 man ToC run. I’m still sitting out on most of these until I’m happy with where I am. The one I attended was well natured though.

Forums: Now this is one area where being only a member for a few days doesn’t limit my “view” much. I have access to a reasonable number of topics, though I don’t know how many are invisible due to my rank. Obviously there will be officers forums. Anyway, again I was surprised. The number of posts a week is pretty much as per my expectations but there are a lot fewer completely “random” social threads.

Anyway, that’s all on less than a week’s experience, I’ll do another re-review just before the month is up.

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