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Monday, 15 February, 2010

I Got A Silver Machine.

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Last night’s raid has reminded me how much I really enjoy raiding with the Munquis.

Unfortunately things are going quiet on that front with low attendance, link certainly mine. Because I ride a motorbike to work; if the weather’s looking like it might contain snow I have to use the train and that means I don’t get home until after raid start time. So I sign up as tentative or not at all. So that’s another raid that doesn’t happen for me, and sometimes for the guild.

Then there’s the whole grinding for badges for gear front, which, like all grinds is getting to be a grind. I think I’m going to stop forcing myself to join LFG every day just for the frost emblems, it’s plain stupid! I’m slowly but surely getting wise to you Blizzard! Not that I won’t run randoms, just that I’ll be doing it with guildies from here on in.

So that’s one change I’ll be doing right away.

In guild there seems to be a general, slight, defection to the new kid on the block “alods”, now I’ve not played it, but I’m kindof imagining what’s happening there is that guildies are re-discovering the joys of leveling up alts. Only this time an alt in another world. Or maybe not.

I haven’t given it much thought, but  I’m beginning to wonder if a shakeout is needed. Perhaps a guild hop, or game hop, or, heaven forbid, going cold turkey. Though that last idea is not particulary paltable.

Spending more time “in-guild” should help me see how I’m feeling.
AKA Casper the pony.

First “ride” of the season, obesity
and pretty much as expected, treat
he was pulling all the way. Even on the last part when he was on his own he thought that 20Kph was a sensible speed for roadwork. 

Just need to work on our fitness now so we can up the distance from a paltry 15Km to a more sensible 40Km.

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