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Tuesday, 2 March, 2010

trial and error

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In a desperate last ditch attempt to do the weekly raid quest I once again joined a pickup group that was advertising on the trade channel.

The usual Brewfest Regalia puzzles ensued, online easily sorted.  I was accused of being a Role Player, she's a RPer i'm guessing 🙂, though why I’d be on Darkspear and not an RP server is anyone’s guess. At least they knew what one was.

It was a “half-guild” run and I was the last player to join so we started pretty quickly. On entering the raid I did my usual “Inventory on Par” (a much older equivalent to Gearscore) and noticed that many of the characters weren’t well geared or didn’t have much raid experience. I mentioned it but was told these were probably alts. Fair enough.

So, we worked our way through the trash, with me being sortof told off for healing the tank.

Deetre: Hydro = MT
Deetre: I heal Hydro

I just can’t help myself :).

Anyway, it took 6 attempts. No-one left during the first 4 attempts even though we didn’t make it far past the first bone storm which is pretty surprising given the number of players that usually leave on the first wipe. The fifth attempt we got Marrowgar to 56% and on the last try we managed it! And of course I was chucking plenty of heals on the tanks (see I really can’t help it!).

I was well chuffed!

I was a little naughty and kept trying to explain the strategy, and again, and again. Some of the caster DPS kept on insisting on standing outside the “red target circle”. It was getting so I was looking at the positioning during the encounter to see who wasn’t “obeying orders”, though I stopped short of singling out players. If I’d been on vent I would have!

This “awareness” was completely new for me, though I usually keep my camera zoomed out for “situational awareness” I don’t think I’ve ever actually LOOKED! This must be a bit what raid leaders have to do, heaven knows how they heal or tank while doing it.

The final cap was when the real Raid Leader said too bad your not guildless or i would try ninja u ;P <3

Comparing this successful raid to the fail pug on Sunday the healing was very comparable (9.2k HPS vs 9.5k HPS in the fail pug), and the DPS was 20% lower: 15.5k DPS against 18.7kDPS in the fail pug!

So Sundays was a fail pug, and todays was a WIN pug despite a bit less healing, and significantly less DPS!

Mind you the fight lasted over 7 minutes and I nearly went out of mana!. 7 minutes makes me think; I could have used my trinkets 3 times each and Mana Tide twice instead of just the once.

Healer tip: at least one of the healers should move towards the middle as bone storm is finishing so that when the tanks pick up aggro they get essential heals, this was mostly where we kept wiping.

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