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Tuesday, 9 March, 2010


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I ended up doing 3 dungeons last night in Looking For Group. The first one was uninteresting except in that we lost the tank and had to call it.

The second was “Culling of Stratholme”.

The mage wanted to get the Zombie Killer achievement, website like this he had a strategy, internist on the second boss kite him into the town hall and just keep him there for 5 minutes, letting the zombies pile up outside, before killing him. It sounded plausible, so we were prepared to go for it.

Unfortunately the whole of the time we were getting to the second boss the Mage kept complaining that we were killing Zombies. I said “If they hit me they will die” meaning I’m killing anything that has aggro on me. Later on after a whole bunch of zombies had aggroed on me I killed them all with a Magma Totem. The Mage then complained that the healer kept killing zombies and said that they didn’t do much damage.

So that’s the setup. The problem is, I quit group at that point, mid trash. I’m not proud. Just something about being asked to be the target dummy really dissagreed with me, it was me that had the aggro, not him. I’m pretty sure I was only killing stuff that had aggro on me.

Thinking on it, I still think I was right, why would a zombies that had aggro on me leave me alone? If I’d let them alone I would have built up a following of 50 or so all hitting me for a couple of hundred points, dazing me, and generaly getting to the point where I would be overwhelmed.

So the problem, in my mind, isn’t that I was killing Zombies, more that I didn’t try to explain why I was doing what I was doing. We were in a trash gauntlet so I didn’t really have time to chat, which just made it all the more frustrating. Frustration makes me do strange things.

I wonder what I should have done? I’m feeling quite guilty because I messed it up for 3 other players (not counting the whiny mage).

Fortunately the third group was fine, we got our “frosties” and then went on to do another to get the DK some offspec tanking gear from the 5 man “trial of the big round room”.

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