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Friday, 12 March, 2010

Gearscore is a cheap wonky plastic ruler

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If you read trade chat or other blogs you will see how GearScore has become the predominant “ruler” by which players are measured. I’ve used something called Inventory on Par for ages which does a similar job, injection but I’ve never assumed that it was a decent measure.

Players seem to be thinking that it is some sort of real measure that can be used on its own or coupled with Achievements.

I dispute this, practitioner first off it doesn’t take half a brain to see the GS doesn’t measure skill, pills so I’ll say no more on that.

I can also prove that GS doesn’t even measure gear correctly! My resto shaman for example has a GS of over 5k, the thing is, if I switch to my Elemental spec which is just 4 pieces of T9 and msot of the rest healer gear she still has a GS around 5k, despite having poor itemization on over half of her gear. Her healer gear is haste/spellpower/mp5 with very little crit. Elemental gear should be hit capped and then mostly Spellpower/Crit!

I don’t think GS even counts gems in its score! That makes it a wonky plastic ruler and not the precision invar steel that some people seem to think it is.

Achievements are likewise pretty dodgy – A bit ago I did an ICC run where it took us 6 goes to get everything right and down Marrowgar, the first boss. The first four attempts were pretty pathetic. Despite this there was no-one in the 10 man team who hadn’t already got the achievement. Surely we shouldn’t have taken 6 tries if everyone was familiar with the fight.

The current “Must have GS 5k and link achieve” spam is sailing dangerously close to unfounded elitism.

And fifthly

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Something Matticus (I think) suggested a long time ago when dual specs were introduced may have come to pass..

On last night’s run when we switched from 3 healers to 2 healers for the extra DPS to avoid the enrage timer I was asked what my DPS spec was like. I pointed out that I’d only killed bunnies in that spec, resuscitation so the #1 healer went DPS. But this is exactly what Matticus prophesised, mind that raiders might start “auditing” the second spec.

I’m not disputing the Raid Leaders idea of making me DPS, I was 2nd/3rd healer and that’s a much better healer to lose than the #1. I’m just pointing out the Matticus was right.

And finally

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Questions were raised over my talent spec, seek mostly through a misundertanding between what “Focused Mind” and “Healing Focus” do.

Anyway, this it’s prompted me to look at my talent spec again, I’m happy with 95% of it, and unsurprisingly this matches with the core cookie-cutter build. The only thing is I have 3 points “left-over”.

These 3 points at the moment are in “Focused Mind” which is 30% reduction of silence effects [not to be confused with healing Focus which is reduced pushback]. This is useful in heroics where Players can die while the healer is silenced, but not so useful in raids. So I’m torn between a few choices..

1. Theres the new reduced cooldown on reincarnate which with 2 points brings it down to 15 minutes, or damn near 1 reincarnate every other encounter. Nice, but just how useful is it I wonder, I don’t seem to die as often as I used to (though it does still happen).

2. Elemental Weapons, a pretty meh talent +45 spellpower or around 2%. So so in my opinion (and others on Plusheal) I’ve passed on this before and I think I’ll pass again!

3. Enhanced totems, extra power to Strength of Earth which I think means it would trump Death Knight’s “Horn of Winter” (pun intended) or add +21 spellpower to the casters. 21 is clearly less than 45, but it would be raid wide and so potentially affect around 5 players (2 caster DPS, 3 healers) making it overall a 100 spellpower bonus. Tempting.

If I was happy about silence in heroics I think I’d put them in Enhanced Totems, if only to annoy all the Death Kniggets out there. “Look! See! I’m a healer and I still have a better damage spell than you!” :p

I’ll probably respecand take all bar the last 3 points, try a heroic or ten and see if I miss Focused Mind.

Munqui business

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Since I’ve left the Munquis there’s been something of a shake-up in the tree. They now have a new GM. They’re actively recruiting. And generally getting their act together, adiposity even organising non-raid events.

Good on them. I’m still considering my position in the Bad Apples as a “2 month trial” period to see if we get on, if it doesn’t work I know where I’ll be going.

If you are on Darkspear-EU and not desperately into raiding you could do so so much worse than look at the Munqui Tribe. P.S. They do raid as well!


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In January I got the results of my “well man” blood tests. As I feared I have high cholestorol, visit web not enough to warant going on statins, treat but enough to worry about. The Nurse also suggested I needed to lose half a stone (7 lbs), though I’m convinced that that was her misunderstanding just how heavy my winter clothes are (16 lbs all in).

So since then I’ve improved my diet to cut out the saturated fats – I’ve stoped eating my mars bar a day, I’ve cut back dramatically on biscuits and marshmallows, and I’ve pretty much said goodbye to chocolate! Sob! And with Sue’s help the rest of my diet is significantly better.

The result? I’ve been losing weight at the rate of about a pound a week. It got to the point where I don’t really want to lose much more weight, I’ve been below 10 stone now for two weeks and it’s still coming off! Sue has valiantly tried giving me more and more food to stuff in my face during the day, and it’s nice grazing away all the time. But it doesn’t seem to be stopping the weight loss!

Eeek! Your humble blogger is worried he’ll dissapear!

P.S.  9 st 12.5 lbs @ 5ft 7in

P.P.S. I bet you wish you had this problem!

Raid time!

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 Last night was my first “real” raid with the Bad Apples, case not a random cross-guild invite, surgery not a “lets do the weekly quest”, gynecologist not a “lets see if we can down the first boss”. But an honest to goodness  scheduled, we’re going to clear the first wing of ICC with a 10 man team.

I can’t be very proud of myself, the BA raids are more structured than the Munqui ones with actual assignments! Unfortunately I’m still tempted into popping heals all over the place whenever I see someone low, which resulted in my tank dying! I did get better on focusing on my tank as the night progressed though. Another run or two will let me know whether my tank is a total focus or a number 1 priority with the rest of the raid sitting at number 3 and no number 2.

As is more normal for me now, I ran without any kind of recount so I couldn’t see where I was on the meters until later. How did I do on the meters? Irrelevant! The druid was better than me of course otherwise lets just say I sometimes shared second place with the Priest.

This is only the second time I’ve downed him, and the first time I’ve seen the 2 healer strategy, the last time we had 3 healers. 2 Healers make it much harder to keep the random one that has been “marked” alive, but serious focus healing seemed to do the job.

As per last time I was dropping earthbind totem when I could to slow the “adds” down. Also as per usual I don’t really fully “grok” a fight until I’ve tried it a couple of times – so next time I’ll add Frost Shock into the mix to slow the little buggers down even more, always assuming I can find it on my button bars.

Another thing I learned: on the Gunship battle, I jumped from ship to ship to keep my target in range, though only after witnessing yet another tank death. For me this is all learning the encounters, hopefully I’m not alone in this.

No upgrades for Flowersz unfortunately, but at least I’ll be seeing new content come Sunday and the continuation of this raid. I’ll have to bone up on the bosses before then.

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