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Friday, 19 March, 2010


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OK, ambulance So I’ve been looking at some logs from last night Festergut attempt, the one where Flowersz did a billip-ton of healing instead of feeling like that¬†folded up pamplet you put under the wonky table leg.

Any road up

Here comes chart time!

Chart the first, the eagle eyes will see that most of the healing comes from a few spells.

Exhibit 2 your honor demonstrates a much wider range of healing sources..

And moovin on, in Exhibit 3 we see a breakdown for a Shaman, specifically Flowersz .. slightly different from the previous 2. In the interests of fair play I’d like to point out that Earth Shield only requires a cast every once in a while, and Ancestral Awakening, Earthliving and “Glyph of Healing Wave” don’t require any casting at all! Never-the-less I’ve heard it said that Shaman have a small “palette” of spells. ¬†Well, it may be small, but this shaman does like to use them.

Make of these charts what you will.

Too busy?

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I think so too.

Still, click even with this UI I managed to help the Bad Apples down Festergut!

I’m not saying what my HPS was on Festergut, tuberculosis ‘coz frankly I don’t believe it! Summat simply must be wrong with the log analysis thingy.


Flowersz now has 2 piece T10 and the haste bonus is stupid! 1 second Lesser healing waves, and as you can see, 1.2 second Healing Waves when everything is kicking in!

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