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Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

WoW Update

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So you may have been wondering what I’ve been doing in Warcraft these last few days. I’m now ready to tell you.

I have been *drumroll* moping.

Really. I’ve thought about it and I’m pretty sure that’s the right word.

It all started last Wednesday, doctor a 25 body guild run to try to do “[Jaraxuss must learn to be more humble]”. Patch Wednesday isn’t a good day in general and a lot of time was spent getting together and happy with seriously excessive lag problems.

To cut a long story short, on the Yeti bit where he charges Flowersz accidentally ran straight into him, making him enrage and generally eat everyone! Raid wiped, over and out! And all my fault, a fact that was quite clearly pointed out to me at the time.

So I spent several days hiding on alts and as I said moping.

I did very cautiously join a 10 man guild run later in the week, with many disclaimers. On this attempt I had the usual problems with the yeti, which is to say, none, zero, zilch nada.

One of the other bodies on that run asked me if I was “sensitive” after reading my oh-so hesistant acceptance of the invite. I guess I might be.

Moping is what “sensitive people” do isn’t it?

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