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Friday, 12 March, 2010

And finally

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Questions were raised over my talent spec, seek mostly through a misundertanding between what “Focused Mind” and “Healing Focus” do.

Anyway, this it’s prompted me to look at my talent spec again, I’m happy with 95% of it, and unsurprisingly this matches with the core cookie-cutter build. The only thing is I have 3 points “left-over”.

These 3 points at the moment are in “Focused Mind” which is 30% reduction of silence effects [not to be confused with healing Focus which is reduced pushback]. This is useful in heroics where Players can die while the healer is silenced, but not so useful in raids. So I’m torn between a few choices..

1. Theres the new reduced cooldown on reincarnate which with 2 points brings it down to 15 minutes, or damn near 1 reincarnate every other encounter. Nice, but just how useful is it I wonder, I don’t seem to die as often as I used to (though it does still happen).

2. Elemental Weapons, a pretty meh talent +45 spellpower or around 2%. So so in my opinion (and others on Plusheal) I’ve passed on this before and I think I’ll pass again!

3. Enhanced totems, extra power to Strength of Earth which I think means it would trump Death Knight’s “Horn of Winter” (pun intended) or add +21 spellpower to the casters. 21 is clearly less than 45, but it would be raid wide and so potentially affect around 5 players (2 caster DPS, 3 healers) making it overall a 100 spellpower bonus. Tempting.

If I was happy about silence in heroics I think I’d put them in Enhanced Totems, if only to annoy all the Death Kniggets out there. “Look! See! I’m a healer and I still have a better damage spell than you!” :p

I’ll probably respecand take all bar the last 3 points, try a heroic or ten and see if I miss Focused Mind.

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