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Friday, 12 March, 2010

Munqui business

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Since I’ve left the Munquis there’s been something of a shake-up in the tree. They now have a new GM. They’re actively recruiting. And generally getting their act together, adiposity even organising non-raid events.

Good on them. I’m still considering my position in the Bad Apples as a “2 month trial” period to see if we get on, if it doesn’t work I know where I’ll be going.

If you are on Darkspear-EU and not desperately into raiding you could do so so much worse than look at the Munqui Tribe. P.S. They do raid as well!


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In January I got the results of my “well man” blood tests. As I feared I have high cholestorol, visit web not enough to warant going on statins, treat but enough to worry about. The Nurse also suggested I needed to lose half a stone (7 lbs), though I’m convinced that that was her misunderstanding just how heavy my winter clothes are (16 lbs all in).

So since then I’ve improved my diet to cut out the saturated fats – I’ve stoped eating my mars bar a day, I’ve cut back dramatically on biscuits and marshmallows, and I’ve pretty much said goodbye to chocolate! Sob! And with Sue’s help the rest of my diet is significantly better.

The result? I’ve been losing weight at the rate of about a pound a week. It got to the point where I don’t really want to lose much more weight, I’ve been below 10 stone now for two weeks and it’s still coming off! Sue has valiantly tried giving me more and more food to stuff in my face during the day, and it’s nice grazing away all the time. But it doesn’t seem to be stopping the weight loss!

Eeek! Your humble blogger is worried he’ll dissapear!

P.S.  9 st 12.5 lbs @ 5ft 7in

P.P.S. I bet you wish you had this problem!

Raid time!

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 Last night was my first “real” raid with the Bad Apples, case not a random cross-guild invite, surgery not a “lets do the weekly quest”, gynecologist not a “lets see if we can down the first boss”. But an honest to goodness  scheduled, we’re going to clear the first wing of ICC with a 10 man team.

I can’t be very proud of myself, the BA raids are more structured than the Munqui ones with actual assignments! Unfortunately I’m still tempted into popping heals all over the place whenever I see someone low, which resulted in my tank dying! I did get better on focusing on my tank as the night progressed though. Another run or two will let me know whether my tank is a total focus or a number 1 priority with the rest of the raid sitting at number 3 and no number 2.

As is more normal for me now, I ran without any kind of recount so I couldn’t see where I was on the meters until later. How did I do on the meters? Irrelevant! The druid was better than me of course otherwise lets just say I sometimes shared second place with the Priest.

This is only the second time I’ve downed him, and the first time I’ve seen the 2 healer strategy, the last time we had 3 healers. 2 Healers make it much harder to keep the random one that has been “marked” alive, but serious focus healing seemed to do the job.

As per last time I was dropping earthbind totem when I could to slow the “adds” down. Also as per usual I don’t really fully “grok” a fight until I’ve tried it a couple of times – so next time I’ll add Frost Shock into the mix to slow the little buggers down even more, always assuming I can find it on my button bars.

Another thing I learned: on the Gunship battle, I jumped from ship to ship to keep my target in range, though only after witnessing yet another tank death. For me this is all learning the encounters, hopefully I’m not alone in this.

No upgrades for Flowersz unfortunately, but at least I’ll be seeing new content come Sunday and the continuation of this raid. I’ll have to bone up on the bosses before then.

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010


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I ended up doing 3 dungeons last night in Looking For Group. The first one was uninteresting except in that we lost the tank and had to call it.

The second was “Culling of Stratholme”.

The mage wanted to get the Zombie Killer achievement, website like this he had a strategy, internist on the second boss kite him into the town hall and just keep him there for 5 minutes, letting the zombies pile up outside, before killing him. It sounded plausible, so we were prepared to go for it.

Unfortunately the whole of the time we were getting to the second boss the Mage kept complaining that we were killing Zombies. I said “If they hit me they will die” meaning I’m killing anything that has aggro on me. Later on after a whole bunch of zombies had aggroed on me I killed them all with a Magma Totem. The Mage then complained that the healer kept killing zombies and said that they didn’t do much damage.

So that’s the setup. The problem is, I quit group at that point, mid trash. I’m not proud. Just something about being asked to be the target dummy really dissagreed with me, it was me that had the aggro, not him. I’m pretty sure I was only killing stuff that had aggro on me.

Thinking on it, I still think I was right, why would a zombies that had aggro on me leave me alone? If I’d let them alone I would have built up a following of 50 or so all hitting me for a couple of hundred points, dazing me, and generaly getting to the point where I would be overwhelmed.

So the problem, in my mind, isn’t that I was killing Zombies, more that I didn’t try to explain why I was doing what I was doing. We were in a trash gauntlet so I didn’t really have time to chat, which just made it all the more frustrating. Frustration makes me do strange things.

I wonder what I should have done? I’m feeling quite guilty because I messed it up for 3 other players (not counting the whiny mage).

Fortunately the third group was fine, we got our “frosties” and then went on to do another to get the DK some offspec tanking gear from the 5 man “trial of the big round room”.

Monday, 8 March, 2010

Hole in the Road

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Every day I ride my motorbike up a small road to see to my horses. This road has been getting progressively worse and worse over the past year or so. So when I found a site where I could report holes I started to use it.

So far I’ve reported two of the worst holes and both times a new patch has appeared within a day or two, pilule pretty good huh?

The last hole I reported was quite a big “dip” in the road at a junction that has caused me some problems. The coucil duly came out and chucked some tarmac at it. This is what the hole looks like now, surgery 4 days after it has been “repaired”…

Impressive isn’t it?

Tuesday, 2 March, 2010

trial and error

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In a desperate last ditch attempt to do the weekly raid quest I once again joined a pickup group that was advertising on the trade channel.

The usual Brewfest Regalia puzzles ensued, online easily sorted.  I was accused of being a Role Player, she's a RPer i'm guessing 🙂, though why I’d be on Darkspear and not an RP server is anyone’s guess. At least they knew what one was.

It was a “half-guild” run and I was the last player to join so we started pretty quickly. On entering the raid I did my usual “Inventory on Par” (a much older equivalent to Gearscore) and noticed that many of the characters weren’t well geared or didn’t have much raid experience. I mentioned it but was told these were probably alts. Fair enough.

So, we worked our way through the trash, with me being sortof told off for healing the tank.

Deetre: Hydro = MT
Deetre: I heal Hydro

I just can’t help myself :).

Anyway, it took 6 attempts. No-one left during the first 4 attempts even though we didn’t make it far past the first bone storm which is pretty surprising given the number of players that usually leave on the first wipe. The fifth attempt we got Marrowgar to 56% and on the last try we managed it! And of course I was chucking plenty of heals on the tanks (see I really can’t help it!).

I was well chuffed!

I was a little naughty and kept trying to explain the strategy, and again, and again. Some of the caster DPS kept on insisting on standing outside the “red target circle”. It was getting so I was looking at the positioning during the encounter to see who wasn’t “obeying orders”, though I stopped short of singling out players. If I’d been on vent I would have!

This “awareness” was completely new for me, though I usually keep my camera zoomed out for “situational awareness” I don’t think I’ve ever actually LOOKED! This must be a bit what raid leaders have to do, heaven knows how they heal or tank while doing it.

The final cap was when the real Raid Leader said too bad your not guildless or i would try ninja u ;P <3

Comparing this successful raid to the fail pug on Sunday the healing was very comparable (9.2k HPS vs 9.5k HPS in the fail pug), and the DPS was 20% lower: 15.5k DPS against 18.7kDPS in the fail pug!

So Sundays was a fail pug, and todays was a WIN pug despite a bit less healing, and significantly less DPS!

Mind you the fight lasted over 7 minutes and I nearly went out of mana!. 7 minutes makes me think; I could have used my trinkets 3 times each and Mana Tide twice instead of just the once.

Healer tip: at least one of the healers should move towards the middle as bone storm is finishing so that when the tanks pick up aggro they get essential heals, this was mostly where we kept wiping.

Monday, 1 March, 2010

Stupidity incarnate – Mine and others.

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So continuing with the Bad Apples……

On Friday I got asked if I’d like to go to a continuation raid of Icecrown Citadel 10 man. I turned it down because it meant that I wouldn’t get the weekly raid (Marrowgar must die) as they had already passed him. I’ll come back to that in a bit.

On Saturday I queued in looking for raid for a Pickup group to do this quest. The first group took ages to get together and what’s worse they had already started but not finished the trash. Ring those Alarm bells! We managed only one attempt. During which Dollydagger typed:

raid Dollydagger: heal
raid Dollydagger: heal me pls

Fortunately I don’t get much chance to read Raid Chat during an encounter or Dollydagger would have been one of the first to DIE!

After the attempt the following conversation took place:

raid Dollydagger: wtf
raid Dollydagger: roflmao!
raid Dollydagger: roflmao!
raid Dollydagger: roflmao!
raid Badal: this is not dps
raid Dollydagger: heal
raid Melih: damn healer we lose 3 dpses
raid Dollydagger: heal in impale damn you!
raid Melih: 4
raid Dollydagger: healer great job! (sarcasm?)
raid Dollydagger: OMG U RLY DONT KNOW TACTS
raid deleted: your talking to me right
raid Flowersz: who are you talking to.
raid Flowersz: there are 9 other "you"'s

And then Dollydagger quit. After he’d gone someone posted

raid deleted: Recount - Healing Done for Overall Data
raid deleted: 1. Carline   1197332 (3639.2, shop  39.7%)
raid deleted: 2. Flowersz  999434 (3204.3, sickness  33.1%)
raid deleted: 3. deleted   756259 (2611.0, sale  25.1%)

And I can say 3k+ HPS is red hot for me and the total healing was way way above what should be needed on this fight.

I’ve kept some of the names on this log because sometimes you have to name and shame, and Dollydagger definitely comes in the shame category, and Melih is worth naming. 

So the group disbanded and I queued again. After a, pretty normal by my standards, bit of confusion about gear score (Brefest Regalia For The Win) I was accepted,

2/27 18:54:49.708  [Raid] Slothsloth: Errr...1112gs flowersz?
2/27 18:55:01.702  [Raid Leader] Azda: no
2/27 18:55:08.035  [Raid Leader] Azda: 5071
2/27 18:55:14.469  [Raid Leader] Azda: ? see 5071
2/27 18:55:21.041  [Raid] Flowersz: sorry, I'll put on my healing stuff
2/27 18:55:25.950  [Raid] Flowersz: this is my "around town"
2/27 18:55:35.246  [Raid] Flowersz: try again

Only to be kicked (I have to say with my full agreement) because I wasn’t up for doing a full run, just the first boss.

So no weekly raid quest completion – I should have taken up Friday’s invite, at least I’d have been doing something useful and probably gathered a couple of Emblems of Frost while I was at it.

And so onto Sunday, a 25 man guild raid on ToC. Very slow starting, like 45 minutes late because we had to find 5 extra bodies! But we did get as far as downing the Faction Champions, Flowersz got a belt upgrade and passed on two other caster (mainly resto) Mail pieces, one because it was too small an upgrade, and the other because it was a definite downgrade. On the healy meters…. I was worried because the first fight I recorded (Jax) showed Flowersz at 6th out of 6 healers, behind the raid leader! The Faction champions put that right, and she came in at 3rd behind the two druids. She always comes behind the druids, I think that’s just how the game is at the moment. Anyway I’m not worried that Flowersz is going to be a burden on the Bad Apples. Sometimes Flowersz does come low on the meters because I have a habit of not healing if it looks like the rest of the team are more than adequate to the job.

As usual I did the daily Random Heroics over the weekend. Absolutely nothing to say, these are getting very close to a 45 minute quest in difficulty, just: queue, do the kills, leave. The bosses do more talking than the other players. Unless I’m grouped with a Munqui, which happens more often than I’d expect, then there’s time for a bit of fun…

Escrik Park – Ride

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This weekend we took the pony out to Escrick park for his second pleasure ride of the season. There was a lot of doubt about whether we were going to attend; first of all we didn’t receive any maps or ride details leading us to suspect that it had been called off, doctor and then the weather looked like it was going to be torrential on the day. So I’d mentally decided that this probably wasn’t going to happen. Sue made a phone call on Saturday and then it was back to all go!

Sunday morning, a late start so we could avoid most of the 80 odd expected riders, and off we go after loading the route from a couple of years ago onto the GPS watch.

It turned out to be a pleasant 20km, Casper was dutifully drugged up an hour before the ride so he was in a calm mood. The weather had changed overnight from potentially bad to dry. Most of the other horses had left before us so we wouldn’t be getting overtaken. A decent set-up for the day.

The route, though different was generally the same as a couple of years ago, so the pony satnav was useful, and even if it hadn’t been, the route was very well marked. The ground was boggy, but most of the route was on hard track and unaffected. Casper was in a good mood so we trotted most of the way with some nice gentle canters.

We did make an “on the day” change, which we normally try to avoid, this was because the gaiters on the “boots” he’s wearing until we get him shod were rubbing his pastern. So we put some vet-wrap on his pasterns (instead of tights) and that actually worked for the entire ride without any significant problems. There was a small rub at the bottom of the vetwrap, but not enough to actually break the skin. I pulled him up after about 5km to check up on how well this new change was working, if the rub-protection had failed I was going to turn back home. Just after we’d pulled back from canter to trot to walk the dozy little sod tripped and I ended up going ever so gently over his head to land on the ground. No-one was hurt and I got an excellent view of his feet, all was well. Onwards!

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, we passed a number of other pleasure riders, gently so as not to upset their horses by storming pass. All was pretty good. Sue even cycled out to meet us half way, always a pleasure to see her.

The only, less than good, point was when we caught up with a couple of the 30km riders who, looking over their shoulders and seeing us decided to canter off. I find this behaviour annoying, it winds both me and Casper up – If we’ve caught up with you it’s because we’re going faster than you, just cantering off to keep us behind is at best only a temporary measure, I promise we’ll be passing you sooner or later, you may as well accept that and let us pass now!

So we finished sound and only a couple of kph over the maximium limit for pleasure rides (oops!).

All in all it’s a decent ride, not really a barefoot ride, and a little hard if you are concerned about that. I think we’ll probably alternate this ride with the Shipley park ride in future, it’s on at the same sort of time and about the same driving distance, and, from memory, one that can be done barefoot.

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