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Monday, 22 March, 2010


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We went for a progression fight on Rotface last night, unhealthy the intent was not to down him on the first attempt, try our Raid Leader just wanted this to be a learning fight. That was good, website like this it took the pressure off.

Unfortunately I can’t say I learned as much as I would have liked. The majority of attempts went…. 

Player A has Mutated Infection….
Player B has Mutated Infection….
Flowersz pulls ooze aggro,
Flowersz gets hit by Small/Big ooze,
Flowersz dies
…. the rest of the raid continue learning the encounter. I doubt I lasted longer than 1 minute for 90% of our attempts.

It wasn’t until the last couple of attempts that, from my point of view, it started to come together and I didn’t pull ooze aggro immediately. Though the last wasn’t much more successful for Flowersz, she was the 3rd player to get Mutated Infection and I tried the OT’s suggestion of running between him and the big ooze he was kiting to make sure the oozes merged. Here’s a tip – Don’t bother, you will get one shotted by the Big ooze and die 🙁

This is a complicated fight, probably the most complex I’ve come across, there are so many sources of death in that room and so much running around!

Still, as a whole the group did get better and better, and it looks like we might do it the next time since our best attempt was 33%.

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