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Friday, 16 April, 2010


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I can’t remember if I’ve said already but I’m back in the Munqui Tribe so don’t get confused. There were two raids scheduled this week, prostate one to do the weekly raid and one to try Onyxia.

The weekly raid eventually got started an hour late, implant now I’m used to it taking us half an hour to get our act together. I truly don’t care if it’s a little late because the wait time is invariably nicely sociable with plenty of chatter and fun. Of course I wouldn’t mind if we’re all there and ready either. I can go either way. But unfortunately last night we spent a long time sat at 8 players trying to find some more, prostate and in the end we had to send someone to Dalaran to pick up a random healer. I won’t go into the raid itself, we were a mix of overgeared and undergeared players that made for more than usually enjoyable fights. I’m not being sarcastic, I did enjoy myself.  I did feel a little sorry, though, for the pugged healer who was in 25man epics!

Anyway, that was Wednesday. Last night we were to do Onyxia, we had 13 signups which looked like we were oversubscribed. Yet still we ended up calling it 15 minutes after scheduled start because we didn’t actually have 10 munquis!

Now, I have made my choice between raiding or social for the moment, but I can’t deny being dissapointed at the low attendance. I feel that if you go to the effort of clicking the  sign-up button you should make some effort to be logged in on time even if you have stuff to do before you can actually be summoned. Even in a “social” guild.


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