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Friday, 30 April, 2010


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I’ve recently read Graceling by Kristen Cashore

It has taken me a good inattentive couple of months, sovaldi sale though really that was just the first third of the book. I finished the rest off in a couple of train days and it’s much more fun when read at the intended speed.

It’s a good book, viagra a fantasy romance with an arse kicking heroine who doesn’t really like kicking arses. Though that’s really badly oversimplifying it. Kristen has a slightly unusual writing style but it is very readable.  I recommend it. Definitely not trash. I’ll be reading her next one.

Rating B+ to A.

so quiet in here.

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So it’s been a couple of weeks and let me have a quick think of what’s happened.

Well, glands I’ve been on an ICC 4/12 reaid with the munq’s, and great fun it was too. We wiped a couple of times, but not on the bosses. It was cheering to see the achievement spam when Saurfang was put in his place.

I’ve aquired very little loot. Voa continues to give me Enhancement PvP gear or I lose the rolls. This week I expect the teasing to escalate to dropping a T10 piece I’ve already got.

I’ve had to work (work work I mean) some evenings 🙁

I seem to have almost given up on the daily heroic. Mostly bored and cba spending the time. I did try one the other night, a PoS heroic, but I bailed before the last boss, 6 wipes is more than enough for me, especially when the last one was on the tunnel run!

So really, fairly quiet. I even turned down an ICC invite last night from the Pie Bakers because I had work to do.
I’ve been thinking about changing my UI (again) and going for a pre-packaged one.. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve also been thinking about all the bufs I get, I’m curently in 3pieces of T10 and 2 pieces of T9 with the T10 totem and I get:
upto 2 Hasted Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave every time I riptide (T9 bonus?)
upto 230 extra spellpower from Riptide (totem?)
1 super-hasted spellcast everytime I cast riptide. (T10 bonus?)
Chilled Mind (from somewhere), random proc 1 per minute.

And that is why I’m casting Riptide continuously out of combat.

I’ve also been thinking a bit about this pie chart from a few posts back

Looking at it, only 4 of those slices are actively cast by me. I’m not counting Earth Shield because just because.  Pretty much half of my healing is effectively happening without any “intent”. Riptide, though significant, is often cast because of all the bonuses (4 different effects!) it causes rather than because I think its a decent HoT. Not that I’m averse to putting a HoT on someone, just that Riptide’s HoT isn’t really that hot.

This pie chart didn’t even include the Healing Stream totem which is currently bubbling for about 1000 HPS when there’s plenty of raidwide damage.

So much healing coming from what I think of as Hots (ie. fire and forget).

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