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Monday, 19 April, 2010


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This weekend I pugged Icecrown. Actually, there I thought I was pugging, healing but the reality was much more exciting.

I was expecting a standard 3/4 boss raid before someone had had enough and left. How wrong I was! Although they were asking in /Trade  for a healer with the first 4 boss achievement, as soon as I joined they said they were doing Festergut and Rotface.. I warned them that I was pretty new to these bosses – I’ve seen them both but only downed the easier one. The raid kept me anyway.

I had joined a half-guild raid. 7 of the players were from a small Finnish guild and a DPS were and 2 healers were pugged in.

I knew something was up when I got  on Marrowgar.

And on it went.. within 50 minutes Saurfang was dead!

Onwards ever onwards! I was shocked when the group pulled and downed both of the Doggies (Precious and Stinky) one immediately after the other. Then we one-shotted Rotface and Festergut! One hour 20 minutes in and 6 bosses down.

Still the raid continued! Skipping Putricide for the moment. We were completely out of my “zone” I’ve never read the strategy or watched any videos about the next bosses we did.

So Valithria Dreamwalker was heroically saved on the first go. Blood Prince Council took 5 attempts, but after the Warlock respecced we downed them. Blood-queen Lana’thel went on the second attempt.

And then we went back to Putricide, for 3 attempts. By this time it was getting really late, and I had to bail before it was all over – I was getting up for a ride in six hours time! I’m a bit dissapointed because this has denied me yet another achievement, but I’d already pushed it beyond what I should have.

It was an amazing evening and just goes to show several things…

1. Druids healers are fantastic, I was consistently outhealed by our pugged tree despite them having lesser gear.
2. We got lucky with the random numbers, at no point did I get any of the more annoying debuffs (like being turned into a Vampire) that require doing anything except spam healing.
3. A good team can carry a lot of newbies. Pretty much every fight popped up an achievement for a couple of the group, and the crimson hall popped up 9 achievements!
4. Healers really don’t need to know a lot about strategy, I certainly understood bugger all about what was going on. I know why I’m a healer now!

There’s no way I’m going to let all this go to my head, I know I was “carried” by the group, not in terms of healing output, but in terms of having to know and execute the strategies. Still it was a very nice night with some very nice people (Priate raiding FTW!). They forgave me for running out of flasks and I even got to see Sindragosa – and run away quickly! 🙂

You don't usually see ninjas with talbucks peeking over their shoulders

More achivements! 

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