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Monday, 12 April, 2010

Playing with my new lappy

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Upgrading to 64bit Windows 7.

I tried to upgrade to 64 bit Windows 7 (taking a backup using the bundled Samsung Recovery Solution first). It didn’t go so bad, drugs there was a difficult period getting the network reconnected because I hadn’t already downloaded the appropriate driver, and couldn’t download it because….. I didn’t have the network drivers! Doh! Anyway, once I had the network drivers I tried to get a 64 bit driver for the video card, and that’s where it all went wrong. The 64bit driver package on the Samsung site refused to install because it said I wasn’t using the right Operating system, the bitmap also said something about “32 bit”. Samsung’s bundled update manager also failed and locked trying to install this driver. Bad Samsung! (I think they ahve since fixed this problem) 

So I called it and restored the old 32 bit Windows 7 using the provided Recovery solution available from the boot menu. Much to my amazement, 30 minutes later I was right back where I started, no problems at all! Kudos to Samsung for making a potential nightmare scenario painless. Kudos away from Samsung though for putting a duff driver up on their site in the first place! 

I will be keeping an eye on their site and probably trying again when they update this driver. [edit: they have put up a new driver now] 

Stepping into the 3rd dimension….

Cool, or what? (image from the Guardian online)

 So once I was back in the normal world I thought I would install a free 3D “anaglyph” driver. Installation was easy peasy and I donned my red/cyan cardboard glasses and braced myself for the ultimate in home 3D gaming. My girlfriend laughed at me for looking like a total whacked out geek. I need to get some steampunk 3D glasses, then at least I’d feel cool while she laughed at me. 

Is Steampunk Cooler?

How did it go? 

  • It ran fine.
  • It was indeed 3D.
  • It wasn’t even a little bit like “being there”.
  • I got a headache!

I shan’t be doing that again for a while! 🙂

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