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Monday, 12 April, 2010


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I know I’ve been awful quiet on the WoW front lately, condom I know you don’t miss my little updates, diagnosis but still here’s a little summary.

1. I’ve gone back to the Munquis. This is not a comment on the Bad Apples, infertility definitely a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”. The bottom line… I wasn’t signing up for raids and I was missing all the stupid guild chatter.

2. Torvalion is mocking me for not playing DPS. I’m running VoA 10 and 25 each week and I’ve not had any resto drops, but I do now have 2 pieces of Elemental Tier 10. 

3. I ended up this weeked with an unexpected ICC 10 man invite to the Bad Apples 2nd team (yup, I leave because I’m not signing up and then end up raiding with them anyway, ironic). It was a really nice run, single shots on all of the first 4 bosses. And for extra feelgood I passed on a nice healer weapon upgrade to let one of the the lesser geared players have it. Since this was an unexpected run where I was filling in I felt that the badges were payment enough. And they were, what with an extra 5 badge bonus boss thrown in and a lot of reputation points from the trash. Anyway the extra badges have bought Flowersz a third piece of Tier 10 a week early!

And on the “bonus boss”. This is the second time I’ve seen him, the first time was in a pickup group and the RL’s explanation that time was so confusing:

“Ranged spread out and pass the disease on”

I asked him to be a bit clearer, like what is the disease and how do we pass it on. All I got was “scroll up and read what I said“, and variants of the same. Anyway I couldn’t figure out why I kept dying until after the third wipe I went and read up strategies on the web. The fight is actually quite simple, a standard “tank and spank” with the occasional player getting a “disease”.

The disease stays on the player for some time and then “expires”, if you are nowhere near anyone you die. If you are near others when it expires they get the disease (all of the nearby ones). Once you have had a disease you are immune for a little while – to stop “ping-ponging” the disease between two players.

So “spread out” is good to stop more than one player having the disease at a time – BUT you do have to get close to “pass the disease on”, or you die.

Anyway, last night the BA’s raid leader explained the fight to the newbies and we one shotted him. It does annoy me when Raid leaders don’t explain things well, even after being told that I don’t understand.

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