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Tuesday, 4 May, 2010

It’s been a busy bank holiday

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yeah, dermatologist May bank holiday, epilepsy always busy with the horsies. This year was no different, infection so the first bit of WoW I did was Monday night.

I was on standby for the guild 10 man ICC run so I had to wait until 20:00 (server time) to see if I was going. Meanwhile I got a whisper to see if I could join another 10man. But I put them off until I was sure I wasn’t needed in guild and so missed that slot. Queued up for a 25 man so as not to lock myself out if the Munq’s needed me for a followup tonight.

Honestly, pugging 25 man ICC is such a pain! It takes forever to get a group together and then it’s all, “brb in 10 minutes”, “my lag is bad”, “sorry for the d/c my router is playing up” and then the raft of leavers after each boss!

Not to mention the bloody drama when the RL did a raid-roll on the two BoE trash drops (plate and mail). Is it so hard to¬†figure out that since the items are BoE they’re just 4k gold drops – if the class that can make best use wants them they can simply go to the AH and buy the damn things. At least the [item]Leggings of Dubious Charms[/items] was only suitable for me (the other shaman already had them) so that didn’t cause quite as much grief. The racket when the plate item went to a mage though! I thought we were going to lose another couple of raiders to apoplexy.

Or maybe I’m wrong. It just seemed obvious to me.

Only 15 frosties from my 4th piece of T10 and then I’m stopping that grind. I’ll be running guildies through gear-up dungeons for lolz after that.

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