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Tuesday, 25 May, 2010


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Lovely run with my munq’s last night.

Started with me hanging my headphones (new headphones) around my neck while the pre-run vent playing around was going on. I’ve gotten used to it now, viagra just leave the headphones off until the run starts… after that everything calms down a bit, ask the fun doesn’t stop though.

We did have a little trouble on Rotface, this nothing like the 2 hours of attempts from previous runs. We did try a different strategy for a bit, which we didn’t get to work (37%). Though we only gave it a couple of goes, unlike the hours of practicing that we’ve done on the “standard” approach. Anyway, so Rotface went down in a reasonable number of attempts, not yet a “farm” job, but also not a the end-of run wipefest to be feared.

Tip: want to know where the offtank is kiting the big ooze? Look at your minimap – he’s the pally running around on his own. Also take time while casting slow spells to look at your screen, you might even see him (or probably the big ooze) way way over there running his little leggies off.

The weekly ICC raid quest was the one where you have to put down festergut and rotface within half an hour of each other without wiping. We did a cheat to complete the quest and grab our frosties. Then we went back and did it the way it’s supposed to be done! So I don’t feel bad about cheating.

Memorable moments….

Our uber dwarf warrior being described by a tall slim shaman as a “pile of armour with some feet sticking out the bottom.
I looked and, you know, she has a point. He can’t see over the handles of his motorbike either!

When we were trying to trip the traps for the huge Bone thingy trash before Marrowgar “I’ve got it!“, followed immediately by an instant death.

The raid leader testing our knowledge of Clockwise and anticlockwise running in the opposite direction to everyone. He says he was just testing us, but how can we be sure?

After the “cheat” is explained where you put only 1 tank and a healer in the room with Rotface while everyone else stands outside. And seeing that all 3 healers are in the room and up for it but everyone else has run away. Does this say something about the mentality behind healers? I wonder.

I had a disconnect really early on Deathbringer Saurfang leaving us with our pally healer and a shaman off healing in their DPS gear. Amazingly we still managed! Trés cool.

 But what it showed me was that I’m useless without my Vuhdo raid frames, I need to rework things to at least be able to mouseover heal on the raid frames if I have to!

Off to study some strategies now – Dreamwalker and Putricide!

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