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Wednesday, 9 June, 2010

Sad flowers

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A sad thing has happened tonight, adiposity while I was logged on.

One of our guildies quit the guild and immediately logged out. Our first thought was that her account had been hacked, prothesis not a nice thing to happen to anyone.

Since then though we have discovered that about the same time she deleted the contents of a personal post on our forums.

As it stands it looks to me like she is running away from someone who is harassing her. We won’t know unless she contacts a guild member to let them know.

While she’s not been a guild member for very long she has become a very much loved part of our little tribe and will certainly be missed if she never comes back.

Vilithria Dreamwalker

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Munquis went into ICC for a second night, mind on Valithria Dreamwalker.

She was rescued last week, without any help from me, so this was the second time I’ve ever seen her. Unfortunately for me this time I was rotated into doing the Portal stuff for several of the attempts.

I say unfortunately because this is just the sort of thing I’m quite bad at – learning completly new mechanics. Anyway, seven attempts later we were getting to the quitting time with only one fish feast left. The Raid Leader’s instructions were simply¬†“Faceroll Harder!”.

And we did it! By the skin of our teeth and probably with a fair dose of luck. But we did at least rescue the poor dear, bless her cotton socks.

The last time out of the portal I had ended up behind the dragon, way away from the rest of the group . Normally this would mean I have to work my way to the front and the next set of portals, but what with hearing “I’m down” from one of the healers and a Warlock I knew we wouldn’t survive another visit into the portal , so I just stayed put and spam healed. Being at the back meant I didn’t get any adds.¬†Typically for me I kept on healing after we had won, and even managed to register a few percent overheal! Looking at my gear after it was all over it turned out I wasn’t even wearing my haste trinket,¬† whoops!

This wasn’t our best night ever, but it wasn’t total fail either.

It’s a tough fight, the DPS have to be fast with their targetting and on the ball. The tanks have to keep their eyes open because the healers continually pull aggro. The portal-healer has to be careful not to drop stacks. The Raid healers have to watch their mana, keep out of the stuff on the ground and even AOE healing doesn’t work well with everyone running about like blue-arse flies. When I was on raid healing the first 4 minutes are easy, and then all hell starts to break lose, followed a couple of minutes later by all hell with extra lashings of torment!

It sounds kinda fun doesn’t it.

Now all I have to do is to find out how to get more stacks of Emerald Vigour. I had a little over 20 ish at the end working out at around 4 stacks per portal visit, which I think is a bit on the low side.

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