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Friday, 30 July, 2010

Raiding differences

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I’ve a bit of free time, disorder so I thought I’d write a short, cialis sale unthinking, post on raiding with my guild and with Pickup Groups (PUGs).

I don’t raid as much as I used to, the guild is in a little slump, not a bad one, we can usually get 10 players on for our Monday raid, though sometimes we do have to bring in a DPS from the Looking For Raid interface. Now that I’ve got a full tier set on my healy shaman I no longer feel the need to raid for badges, and considering that last week we extended our raid lockout I think that many of our guild are in the same situation.

The  Munquis aren’t very progressed in ICC, in fact I’ve been in pugs that have done almost as many bosses in an evening, so we’re not really going for it big style. But one thing that is completely and totally different between guild raiding and “Pugging it” is the atmosphere.

In the guild raids there’s lots and lots of chatter, playing around, turning people into rabbits, and takin Tea breaks, it’s quite the social event.  In a Pug raid the only chatter is typically whinging about loot distribution, and should there be a wipe blame laying. We simply don’t do the blame thing in the Munquis, raiding is a shared thing, even DPS pulling aggro is shared between the DPS and the tank “underaggroing”. Pointing fingers is considered stupid – it would be like having a rant at your mates down the pub for eating more crisps than the rest.

I sometimes wonder what it must be like for the pugee DPS we pull in of LFR when we have to do so. For unfortunate reasons we don’t let them in on our vent server anymore, but we do still do a lot of text chat…

I think we probably wipe a bit more often than a full pug raid, we simply give it another go, generally keeping it up until we get onto the next boss, or our time is up. Most pugs by contrast that I’ve been in disband within a couple of wipes, and often after just one, there just isn’t the cohesion. So far as I can tell our pugees seem to enjoy themselves, they usually make some comment or other about being remembered if we need another pick-up. Case in point:  a couple of months ago we tried to put together a 25 man ICC, pugging in over half the raid, we wiped repeatedly on Marrowgar and eventually gave up. Fail pug? You would think so, but by the time it was over the Munquis had recruited another couple of members.

A few months ago, I went through a phase of joining ICC pugs, and a couple of times I was lucky enough to join a partial guild raid so the situation was reversed. And  I likewise went away from the raids (several wipes) feeling good about the whole thing. Even one where we only managed to down Marrowgar after a solid handful of attempts.

If I ever start trying to pug raids again I will, for sure, be hoping the raid is at least 50% one guild, even if they’re all DPS.

Off the point, it’s surprising how many guilds seem to lack healers and tanks. The Munquis by contrast have a reasonable number of healers and just enough tanks.

TLDR: Guild raiding is more fun than Pug raiding.

P.S. I’ll be posting about my favourite socks soon! How’s that for random?

Saturday, 17 July, 2010

Getting older and starting to show it!

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Honestly I am beginning to bother myself. I’m getting older, sales I know that, bulimics we’re all getting older. I’ve even reached the stage where I can tell that not everything is exactly as it was, women’s health occasionally stuff twinges. I don’t care too much about that, that’s physical, “all flesh is grass” and that shit.

What is starting to bother me is my gradually increasing intolerance.

This weekend for example, it’s air fresheners, god help me, but I’m not good with air fresheners anyway, a fair number of them hurt my nose, seriously, and not in a “I press the button with my nose”  kinda way, especially those “neutralisers” that you can’t smell but make your nose want to bleed!

To be honest, half the time I’d rather smell boiled cabbage than some marketing persons idea of what the country should smell of. I live in the country. It sometimes smells of cow and pig shit, sometimes of rain on dry soil (a beautific smell), and usually of nothing in particular. It doesn’t smell like those wierd yellow cubes you pee on in urinals, it doesn’t smell of roses or pine either. Even pine forests don’t smell of pine!

Anyway, the latest thing in shoving unwanted smells up your nose are automatic air fresheners that you can leave on all the time and every five minutes they will willingly add some more unwanted stink into your living area. MMMmmm!

But better even than this – Motion sensors! Fuck me! The marketing people are saying that People smell! Well yeah, but they think we smell bad enough to want to cover it up! If I smell bad then that’s a personal issue that I’d really like to be told about. Really. I know that on occasion I’ve been known to wear clothing that is, shall we say, a little contaminated. Horse piss is not a smell even I’m good with. But tell me please and I’ll fix it! FFS!

Anyway, so motion sensors on air fresheners, sole purpose: to make your house smell “nicer” everytime someone moves.

Hah, not so benevolent. Recently I went to a house with one of these sat on the landing window sill. I didn’t know it was there and fallumped my way up the stairs to, you know, visit the bathroom when I heard a little mechanical rrrpffrp. I turned my head towards the strange noise just in time for the shitty little thing to go squirt! Right in my fucking eye!

So that’s an air freshener, an automatic air freshener, an automatic air freshener with motion senser placed just so it can spray the ear of anyone who goes upstairs. Except for me. Me – I get a special eye-squirt.

Ever since then I’ve been hypersensitive (in a mental sense) to these bloody devices, now when I hear a rrrpfft I twitch like Inspector Dreyfus.

Me + airfresheners = NO.

God knows what I’m going to do when I get old and smelly(er). Though I’m gonna be out on the street shouting at busses by then, I guess so the whole problem will be moot.

Friday, 16 July, 2010


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Why do the american tv producers insist on pigeon-holing actors. I’m getting fed up with seeing the same faces again and again in science-fiction/fantasy programs.

I somehow doubt the actors are turning down jobs outside the genre. And I’ve been checking up on imdb, viagra it is NOT just because I only watch this shit.

Monday, 12 July, 2010

And the award goes too…

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The award for the most persistent, information pills unnecessary and appropriate use of penis analogies goes to Righteous Orbs. I do love them.  And the bit at the end about, store how shall I put it, pulling the dragons 5th leg right, brought a quite unnecessary smirk to my face.

Anyway, that’s enough laughing at genuinely funny people, lets talk about me.

I’ve respecced Enahancement, oh joy! Live every other time I’ve gone enhancement I’ve enjoyed the sheer thrill of running up to a mob, pressing Stormstrike and moving on.

I’ve kitted flowers out in all the groovy stuff, run RAWR to see what it thinks I should be wearing, swore at the stupid computer for being cleverer than me and equipped what I bloody well pleased. Then I regemmed to reach the hit and expertise cap. Then I went shopping with all of those triumphant badgers. Bought a bunch of stuff, including 2 hit trinkets – whey hey! Swapped some gems out because I didn’t need quite so much damn +hit anymore. Decided to exchange some frosty badgers for yet more gear. Discovered that I didn’t need the second +hit trinket anymore, and regemmed a few more bits of kit. So now I’m sat with more +hit than you can throw at a level 84 boss. Groovy funtime!


a) I’ve still not actually stepped into a dungeon as DPS, everyone wants a healer!

b) 6 billion +hit counts for nothing when you’re grinding kaluak reputation and fighting level 70 mobs.

c) I get all trepidatious when I think of pugging alongside all of those players who’ve been DPS’ing for the last 2 years.

d) I keep writing lists about why I shouldn’t go pugging heroics.

I’m not saying I don’t like enhancement, just that I’ve not used it for its intended purpose.

So, will Flowersz ever get to hit anything with her ridiculously OP ICC offspec weapon drops? Maybe, one day, it’s all down to me really.

On an aside, use WoW-Heroes to look at the “score-rankings” for the Resto and Enhancement shaman on your server and you’ll see that the resto spec are much better geared.

Wibbling and havering around in Dalaran watching trade and LFG chat picking which pugs not to join has it’s amusements mind. I particularly love the callouts like

5 DPS, ICC, want 2 tanks and 3 healers, GTG – Oh yeah, totally good to go!

And the one that starts LF 1 Tank, 1 Healer ICC must have Putricide and half an hour later looks like LF 1 Tank, 2 Heals and ends up with LF 2 Tank, 2 Heals  just before I give up and log off. Snigger!

And I still take an inordinate amount of satisfaction when I do join a pug for VoA and some plonk says “1.5k gear score?” to be immediately rebutted by someone else who says “

Tuesday, 6 July, 2010

Paladin power?

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So I’ve got this paladin:

And this paladin:

And this paladin:

And this paladin:

Is there something wrong with me? Four paladins, population health and none past level 7?

Szed by the way is I think my second toon ever, after Szoon the warrior and before Szar the warlock.

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