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Monday, 12 July, 2010

And the award goes too…

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The award for the most persistent, information pills unnecessary and appropriate use of penis analogies goes to Righteous Orbs. I do love them.  And the bit at the end about, store how shall I put it, pulling the dragons 5th leg right, brought a quite unnecessary smirk to my face.

Anyway, that’s enough laughing at genuinely funny people, lets talk about me.

I’ve respecced Enahancement, oh joy! Live every other time I’ve gone enhancement I’ve enjoyed the sheer thrill of running up to a mob, pressing Stormstrike and moving on.

I’ve kitted flowers out in all the groovy stuff, run RAWR to see what it thinks I should be wearing, swore at the stupid computer for being cleverer than me and equipped what I bloody well pleased. Then I regemmed to reach the hit and expertise cap. Then I went shopping with all of those triumphant badgers. Bought a bunch of stuff, including 2 hit trinkets – whey hey! Swapped some gems out because I didn’t need quite so much damn +hit anymore. Decided to exchange some frosty badgers for yet more gear. Discovered that I didn’t need the second +hit trinket anymore, and regemmed a few more bits of kit. So now I’m sat with more +hit than you can throw at a level 84 boss. Groovy funtime!


a) I’ve still not actually stepped into a dungeon as DPS, everyone wants a healer!

b) 6 billion +hit counts for nothing when you’re grinding kaluak reputation and fighting level 70 mobs.

c) I get all trepidatious when I think of pugging alongside all of those players who’ve been DPS’ing for the last 2 years.

d) I keep writing lists about why I shouldn’t go pugging heroics.

I’m not saying I don’t like enhancement, just that I’ve not used it for its intended purpose.

So, will Flowersz ever get to hit anything with her ridiculously OP ICC offspec weapon drops? Maybe, one day, it’s all down to me really.

On an aside, use WoW-Heroes to look at the “score-rankings” for the Resto and Enhancement shaman on your server and you’ll see that the resto spec are much better geared.

Wibbling and havering around in Dalaran watching trade and LFG chat picking which pugs not to join has it’s amusements mind. I particularly love the callouts like

5 DPS, ICC, want 2 tanks and 3 healers, GTG – Oh yeah, totally good to go!

And the one that starts LF 1 Tank, 1 Healer ICC must have Putricide and half an hour later looks like LF 1 Tank, 2 Heals and ends up with LF 2 Tank, 2 Heals  just before I give up and log off. Snigger!

And I still take an inordinate amount of satisfaction when I do join a pug for VoA and some plonk says “1.5k gear score?” to be immediately rebutted by someone else who says “

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