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Sunday, 29 August, 2010

Not a noob tank?

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I cheated and “grinded” (is that a word?) my way up to level 50 and picked up the start of the paladin quest. Then I did a bit more grinding to be able to pick up the the next part that sends me back to Sunken Temple to pick up some feathers.

Of course that meant it was time to join LFD once more. First group on Friday, adiposity and I left them at the first boss, I can’t imagine they were happy, but the warrior thought it was funny to tank, so I left him to it. I’m sure, if the warrior wanted to keep on tanking, they would have found a DPS in moments. If the warrior changed his mind I suppose things may not have gone quite so well.

Today, second try at LFD, different group, nice group, nice and clean. Except for when I lost some mobs and let them chew on the healer – oops. And again later when I was supposed to be tanking two dragons and only noticed after far too long that I was only tanking one and had to go an fetch the other one.

After all was over there were more compliments all around.

The healer was very complimentary when comparing me to noob-tanks and asked for my real-id thingy, not sure what that really means.

Anyway, I collected 5 of the 6 feathers and missed out on collecting the other one because of rank stupidty ™. So there’s a fair chance I’ll be back.

But I did get [Crest of Supremacy] and [Atal'ai Girdle] of the Bear. Which is two great plate drops in one run!

Thursday, 26 August, 2010

And still LFD laughs at me

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Yeah looking for dungeons, shop a fantastic tool for a tank. Mere seconds elapse before I’m in! Well if only that DPS hadn’t gone AFK.

So I’ve sort of settled into a routine leveling my Pally, viagra order a couple of dungeons to gain half a level and then bugger off and mindlessly do a bunch of green quests that I pickde up days ago. Turn in quests, capsule ding,

and repeat.

Questing is not exciting, in fact I’ve stopped reading the quest text completely, relying on the Quest Objectives feature of the map to let me know what I’m doing. For shame!

The dungeon bit is usually interesting, from quotes like:

Fflow: you pull it you tank it!     (to Mage)
Inzilbeth: np
Inzilbeth: ur a lousy tank anyway
Ihasbigtotem: weh weh weh weh
Inzilbeth: ur scared of mobs lol
Fflow: 🙂
Fflow: ta ta
You leave the group.

To being told I was doing fine (I think the word used was “excellent”, but we were so busy lovie-ing it up a pinch of salt is needed).

After the “lousy tank” quote I was able to whisper the two remaining players from my realm to apologise and hold a mini conversation with one while (s)he was waiting for another tank and I was waiting to be allowed to re-queue (and doing the Auction House). But I unthinkingly said something that made me think..

To L*j*: soz                                                       
L*j* whispers: y’d u leave?
To L*j*: Inzilbeth was being a bigger plonker than I want to put up with
To L*j*: personal insults are not why I play
To L*j*: aggro pulling and bad play is one thing.. insults is different
You can not queue for random dungeons while on random dungeon cooldown.
L*j* whispers: dun mata, ey’re only 4 20 mins, u’ll neva c these ppl again en
To L*j*: True, but I’ve cut that down by 5 minutes already!
L*j* whispers: ha ha

It’s an interesting thought, if they insult me, why should I put up with it? They’re not likely to stop the insults any-more than I am likely to change.

 So if they’re offensive, as well as a bad player, don’t feel like you have to put up with it, you never know they might even just eventually learn that being offensive has its downside.

And back to my post title….

LFD isn’t playing fair, last night it dumped a level 49 tank called Fflow in Sunken Temple with a group all level 50-53! I’m not even eligable for most of the quests in there! And of course the mobs aren’t exactly low level either. But some good leadership from someone who knew their way around, and some sensible DPSing and excellent healing and we cleared the place; trolls, snake-statues and dragon boss. It took an hour mind! The kicker for me was the last boss dropping a quest for level 55’s, only 6 levels above me!

Only half a level to go to the big five-oh, grind or LFD, that’s the question.

Wednesday, 18 August, 2010


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Pet tankadin is now sporting his new charger, tadalafil which means he’s dinged level 40 and able to wear Plate armour, healing ride a superfast pony and generally make a right proper nuisance of hisself.

I’ve respecced him fully prot, medstore ’cause that’s what he is. A big oddly shaped lump of punch-bag. Questing might possibly go a bit slower, but then I’m often only doing a few quests anyway, and that only to push to the next level when I can’t be arsed to join LFG in case I get a long dungeon.

I am a little confused about tanking, to be honest. I’ve always been pretty scared of it. It must be hard because there are so few tanks. Except, so far, it’s been really easy. I keep feeling I must be doing it wrong! I am occasionally having a little trouble with aggro, but 90% of the time that’s due to overeager DPS – at least it’s giving me taunting practice :).

Leveling has slowed down, I’m only gaining 1/2 to 1/3 of a level every Scarlet Monastery run, but I’ve almost outleveled that anyway, I’m looking at Maraudon/Uldaman really.

I was thinking of chaning Fflow’s sex to be female, but the thought of him running around outland in a metal bikini makes me shudder!

Friday, 13 August, 2010


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Fliping heck Batman, capsule that LFG tool realy does have it in for me.

This time it dumped me in Uldaman, viagra lowest level member of the group (3 mages!), pregnancy and so low level that I couldn’t even pick up one of the quests in the instance even though I had valiantly fought my way there!

Still, it’s giving me valuable practice tanking when the DPS are pulling aggro, the high number of taunt “resists” (because of my low level) are a pain in the arse.

Anyway, I think it’s time I looked at what spells are actually available to me as a paladin, so far I’ve gotten away with lolsecrate, taunt, and judge. Somehow I don’t think that’s really going to cut the mustard when I get to ICC.

Tuesday, 10 August, 2010

That was hard!

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So my pala tank joined the Looking for random Dungeon last night expecting to get Scarlet Monastery Graveyard or Library or possibly even Cathedral. Instead he got Razorfen Downs.

I’ve never been in there before and didn’t know what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to be trying to beat up on level 37 bosses when I was just level 33!

So it was hard. And it was long! We did wipe, esophagitis though only the once, infertility which considering the length of the  run back to the instance is a blessing. I think this instance has proved to me that I’m not using enough of my Paladin abilities – I’ve gotten used to only using 3 or 4 of them, but I’m thinking that maybe some of the others with cooldowns may be worth using when things go bad (which they did several times).

I got through mana potions like mad, all the pulls seemed to take forever and my mana is a big issue at the moment.

Apparently you can skip several of the bosses, and that is exactly what I will be telling my party the next time.

Just a couple of quotes I’ve found and they are certainly true at level 33/34 (I dinged while inside):

RFD is harder than the scarlet monastery instance

….you can hone your skills for the harsh ones ahead, like ZF or this one.

Monday, 9 August, 2010

Am I guilty?

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When I was running around in the starting areas of drainy land I took it upon myself to gift a little gold to random players, practitioner specifically those that didn’t seem to have any gear that hinted at a higher level main.

I didn’t find many, injection but I did notice that I seemed to be giving gold to the female drainies more than the male ones. Now I know I was targetting the shaman spec toons – that was intentional.

Anyway, decease after noticing this unintentional bias I started to look a bit more closely and forgave myself a little bit, it seems that there are more females than males in that land. Something odd to do with being a species under environmental pressure I guess.

Hmm, I think it might be you.

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I have so little to post about, allergist what with only one of my favourite socks being clean at the moment, information pills I thought I’d dash this off.

In my hunting around for how I can make my paladin tank an “uber paladin tank” (like I was called the other night! 🙂 ) I landed on the blog “tank like a girl“. So I read the article, whatever it was, I can’t remember, and began on the comments. And the first or second comment was

I think I?ve browsed through this blog at least 10 times in the past without stopping to comment.

I thought the ?Tank Like a Girl? title was cute for a blog, but the series of posts from female tanks is more than just cute. It?s a really interesting perspective to hear from. For whatever social pre-programmed reasons, most girls tend to be healers, some DPS, and fewer still tanks.

I?d love to hear more on what made them start tanking in the first place!

My first thought was, what has this got to do with the article? But then I started thinking about what this person was saying. And using a teensy bit of my new understandings gleaned from Sue’s English course (the gendery part) I really started thinking about what this comment was saying and looking at it in a little more depth only to find that I have issues with the commenter.

First off, “cute”! “cute”? Humorous? yes, the “title tank like a girl” is riffing on “fight/run like a girl” and has to be poking fun at gender sterotypes. IMHO the title is a good title because it pokes fun at such stereotypes.

What I didn’t find the title is “cute”. Cute is like “aww, look at the little kiddie acting like a grownup” (even though they aren’t). Sigh, one of the things that Sue has taught me is not that a single representation of a female wearing pink is necessarily sexist/enforcing stereotypes, but that when it is the 99th you have seen, then that single image is dodgy by association. So calling the title “cute” title has undeniable leanings. (see representions of women as child like).

Anyway, this poster then goes on to deny their original comment in a really bad half arsed backhanded compliment way “is more thank just cute” doesn’t deny the “cuteness” factor at all, in fact it reinforces it. And  “It’s a really interesting perspective to hear from” surprised me, once again it hadn’t occurred to me that there was a specifically “female” way of looking at tanking, or indeed playing any of the 3 main roles required in a raid. I certainly didn’t get any specifically “female” viewpoint from my reading of the article in question. I’m not including non-raiding interactions, you can certainly apply gender sterotypes to role playing.

And finally “For whatever social pre-programmed reasons, most girls tend to be healers, some DPS, and fewer still tanks.“, this poster should pop on over to plusheal (a WoW healing community) where they will soon find themselves with an extra excretory orifice. Comments like this have ended up with threads being locked more than once.

And finally, why does this prize piece of bigotry think we want to hear his patronising opinions in someone elses blog?

Soz for the rant.

Wednesday, 4 August, 2010

Quick update/Pala-ding

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Pally has now hit level 30 and got Scarlet Monastery-graveyard. I lurve Scarlet Monastery, artificial probably because of some really wonderful groups I had in there when leveling my shaman years ago. And it makes a really nice change from running Gnomeregan – again!

Looking for Dungeon really is the next best thing since sliced bread. It is totally filled with goodness! If you get a plonker in the group you just leave and take the time to skill up your gathering trade.

I must confess, approved I have done this. And on more than one occasion! It looks like I’m going to be one of those Drama Tanks from Dramaspear. Lol!


At the moment I (and every group I’ve been in) outgear the instances, prostate so tanking isn’t a critical art, giving me time to learn about watching the healer and situational awareness.

I’m enjoying myself, but missing the questing, quests go “grey” so fast that I’m not completing any quest chains at all. hi-ho.

Despite the cross realm grouping I am starting to notice the same faces appearing in my Pugs, it seems that despite having several thousand players on the realms there are actually still only a few to choose from.  It has even taken up-to 8 minutes to put a group together despite queueing as tank/dps – maybe I should try offspec healing as well.

cya l8rs m8s (as they do seem to say!)

Monday, 2 August, 2010

Palading Tanking

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After noticing that I had several Paladins on my login screen, buy more about and none past any sensible level, sick I thought I’d try Paladining again. Since my Draenei paladin was the highest level he got picked. I did the level grind in the starting area to get him up to level 20. And blimey! Paladin leveling is really really boring at the lowest levels, you don’t get anything new to play with for ages and ages. It’s all press one button (Judgement) every 8 seconds and otherwise just wait.

Anyway I was going to level him Ret and maybe change to healing at some point in the future, but then I changed my mind and I’ve since decided to try to level him as a tankadin through the Looking For Dungeon system. This was the step I missed on my warrior, who leveled Protection but only tanked once before Northrend, consequently I’m terrified of tanking on him.

I must say the cross realm dungeon finder as a tank is pure win. Press the button, wait 5 seconds, and you’re in! And you gain almost a level per dungeon! I’m not sure it’s as fast as leveling through questing, but it is damn close. So that’s my leveling strategy from now on, level through LFG and run around skilling up mining/engineering when I’m not ready to commit the time to dungeoning.

The first dungeon I did was Deadmines – and we completed it! This is the first ever time in my entire WoW playing that I’ve gotten past Smite! Woot!

Since then I’ve run Blackfathom Deeps (twice in the same day), Gnomeregan and a bit of Stockades.

And since three of these were through the Random dungeon selector I also got 3 blue items in the “Bag of useful stuff”, whey hey.

The only downside is that I hardly ever see another Darkspearian, they’re all basically anonymous strangers. Which brings me onto the next point.

Although the LFG tool is nice there are a large number of idiots, several of them seem to be sub-teenage players who have gotten used to storming through the content as fast as possible. The number of times I saw “pull faster”, “pull more” in party chat is quite uncountable.

In Stockades:

Novoss-Alonsus: pull more
Xaphirà-Lightbringer: 2-4 rom attime

meaning he wants us to pull 2 to 4 rooms at a time! I remember doing Stockades and pulling more than one room was a wipe… Unfortunately these kids do have a point, most of the party is in hierlooms and blues, so 2 rooms is definitely possible. Anyway after this impolite exhortation the warrior (Novoss) tootled off and pulled a couple of rooms all on his own… But I was elsewhere and the healer was (as he should be) sticking near me, so our ADHD warrior died. Not a wipe because we picked up his mess. Then like any 12 year spoilt brat he said “have fun and packman l2heal” – what a git, packman was doing fine! Mind you that didn’t stop the party leader immediately saying “tank get your !@# in speed” at which point I’d had enough and responded “sorry, no reason to put up with this, bye!”… party fail.

To be fair, the majority of groups (just) haven’t been bad, but there is a “get it over with as fast as possible” approach that I find irksome.

So, paladin tanking, really nice, at this level (around 25) you have very few spells, pull with taunt/exorcism , consecrate as they get near, Judge your target, and simply refresh Consecrate and Judgement until everything is dead. Giving me time to keep an eye on the healer and taunt any stray mobs. Easy! Much easier than I imagined!

The only difficulty is if
a) you have a warrior who insists on pulling for you – there’s a spell to pull 3 mobs off him
b) More than one mob is after the healer – same spell different target!

What’s difficult? Selecting the target. I think I may need to write a macro or two, just like I do for earth shield on my shaman.

So far I think I shall be continuing to play at being a tank.

Short version:

Paladin Tanking is OK at low levels, LFG tool makes finding a random dungeon instant, you get about 1 level per dungeon. Only downside: impatient kiddies!

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