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Wednesday, 4 August, 2010

Quick update/Pala-ding

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Pally has now hit level 30 and got Scarlet Monastery-graveyard. I lurve Scarlet Monastery, artificial probably because of some really wonderful groups I had in there when leveling my shaman years ago. And it makes a really nice change from running Gnomeregan – again!

Looking for Dungeon really is the next best thing since sliced bread. It is totally filled with goodness! If you get a plonker in the group you just leave and take the time to skill up your gathering trade.

I must confess, approved I have done this. And on more than one occasion! It looks like I’m going to be one of those Drama Tanks from Dramaspear. Lol!


At the moment I (and every group I’ve been in) outgear the instances, prostate so tanking isn’t a critical art, giving me time to learn about watching the healer and situational awareness.

I’m enjoying myself, but missing the questing, quests go “grey” so fast that I’m not completing any quest chains at all. hi-ho.

Despite the cross realm grouping I am starting to notice the same faces appearing in my Pugs, it seems that despite having several thousand players on the realms there are actually still only a few to choose from.  It has even taken up-to 8 minutes to put a group together despite queueing as tank/dps – maybe I should try offspec healing as well.

cya l8rs m8s (as they do seem to say!)

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