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Monday, 9 August, 2010

Am I guilty?

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When I was running around in the starting areas of drainy land I took it upon myself to gift a little gold to random players, practitioner specifically those that didn’t seem to have any gear that hinted at a higher level main.

I didn’t find many, injection but I did notice that I seemed to be giving gold to the female drainies more than the male ones. Now I know I was targetting the shaman spec toons –Ā that was intentional.

Anyway, decease after noticing this unintentional bias I started to look a bit more closely and forgave myself a little bit, it seems that there are more females than males in that land. Something odd to do with being a species under environmental pressure I guess.

Hmm, I think it might be you.

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I have so little to post about, allergist what with only one of my favourite socks being clean at the moment, information pills I thought I’d dash this off.

In my hunting around for how I can make my paladin tank an “uber paladin tank” (like I was called the other night! šŸ™‚ ) I landed on the blog “tank like a girl“. So I read the article, whatever it was, I can’t remember, and began on the comments. And the first or second comment was

I think I?ve browsed through this blog at least 10 times in the past without stopping to comment.

I thought the ?Tank Like a Girl? title was cute for a blog, but the series of posts from female tanks is more than just cute. It?s a really interesting perspective to hear from. For whatever social pre-programmed reasons, most girls tend to be healers, some DPS, and fewer still tanks.

I?d love to hear more on what made them start tanking in the first place!

My first thought was, what has this got to do with the article? But then I started thinking about what this person was saying. And using a teensy bit of my new understandings gleaned from Sue’s English course (the gendery part) I really started thinking about what this comment was saying and looking at it in a little more depth only to find that I have issues with the commenter.

First off, “cute”! “cute”? Humorous? yes, the “title tank like a girl” is riffing on “fight/run like a girl” and has to beĀ poking fun at gender sterotypes. IMHO the title is a good title because it pokes fun at such stereotypes.

What I didn’t find the title is “cute”. Cute is like “aww, look at the little kiddie acting like a grownup” (even though they aren’t). Sigh, one of the things that Sue has taught me is not that a single representation of a female wearing pink is necessarily sexist/enforcing stereotypes, but that when it is the 99th you have seen, then that single image is dodgy by association. So calling the title “cute” title has undeniable leanings. (see representions of women as child like).

Anyway, this poster then goes on to deny their original comment in a really bad half arsed backhanded compliment way “is more thank just cute” doesn’t deny the “cuteness” factor at all, in fact it reinforces it. AndĀ  “It’s a really interesting perspective to hear from” surprised me, once again it hadn’t occurred to me that there was a specifically “female” way of looking at tanking, or indeed playing any of the 3 main roles required in a raid. I certainly didn’t get any specifically “female” viewpoint from my reading of the article in question. I’m not including non-raiding interactions, you can certainly apply gender sterotypes to role playing.

And finally “For whatever social pre-programmed reasons, most girls tend to be healers, some DPS, and fewer still tanks.“, this poster should pop on over to plusheal (a WoW healing community) where they will soon find themselves with an extra excretory orifice. Comments like this have ended up with threads being locked more than once.

And finally, why does this prize piece of bigotry think we want to hear his patronising opinions in someone elses blog?

Soz for the rant.

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