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Sunday, 29 August, 2010

Not a noob tank?

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I cheated and “grinded” (is that a word?) my way up to level 50 and picked up the start of the paladin quest. Then I did a bit more grinding to be able to pick up the the next part that sends me back to Sunken Temple to pick up some feathers.

Of course that meant it was time to join LFD once more. First group on Friday, adiposity and I left them at the first boss, I can’t imagine they were happy, but the warrior thought it was funny to tank, so I left him to it. I’m sure, if the warrior wanted to keep on tanking, they would have found a DPS in moments. If the warrior changed his mind I suppose things may not have gone quite so well.

Today, second try at LFD, different group, nice group, nice and clean. Except for when I lost some mobs and let them chew on the healer – oops. And again later when I was supposed to be tanking two dragons and only noticed after far too long that I was only tanking one and had to go an fetch the other one.

After all was over there were more compliments all around.

The healer was very complimentary when comparing me to noob-tanks and asked for my real-id thingy, not sure what that really means.

Anyway, I collected 5 of the 6 feathers and missed out on collecting the other one because of rank stupidty ™. So there’s a fair chance I’ll be back.

But I did get [Crest of Supremacy] and [Atal'ai Girdle] of the Bear. Which is two great plate drops in one run!

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