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Thursday, 26 August, 2010

And still LFD laughs at me

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Yeah looking for dungeons, shop a fantastic tool for a tank. Mere seconds elapse before I’m in! Well if only that DPS hadn’t gone AFK.

So I’ve sort of settled into a routine leveling my Pally, viagra order a couple of dungeons to gain half a level and then bugger off and mindlessly do a bunch of green quests that I pickde up days ago. Turn in quests, capsule ding,

and repeat.

Questing is not exciting, in fact I’ve stopped reading the quest text completely, relying on the Quest Objectives feature of the map to let me know what I’m doing. For shame!

The dungeon bit is usually interesting, from quotes like:

Fflow: you pull it you tank it!     (to Mage)
Inzilbeth: np
Inzilbeth: ur a lousy tank anyway
Ihasbigtotem: weh weh weh weh
Inzilbeth: ur scared of mobs lol
Fflow: 🙂
Fflow: ta ta
You leave the group.

To being told I was doing fine (I think the word used was “excellent”, but we were so busy lovie-ing it up a pinch of salt is needed).

After the “lousy tank” quote I was able to whisper the two remaining players from my realm to apologise and hold a mini conversation with one while (s)he was waiting for another tank and I was waiting to be allowed to re-queue (and doing the Auction House). But I unthinkingly said something that made me think..

To L*j*: soz                                                       
L*j* whispers: y’d u leave?
To L*j*: Inzilbeth was being a bigger plonker than I want to put up with
To L*j*: personal insults are not why I play
To L*j*: aggro pulling and bad play is one thing.. insults is different
You can not queue for random dungeons while on random dungeon cooldown.
L*j* whispers: dun mata, ey’re only 4 20 mins, u’ll neva c these ppl again en
To L*j*: True, but I’ve cut that down by 5 minutes already!
L*j* whispers: ha ha

It’s an interesting thought, if they insult me, why should I put up with it? They’re not likely to stop the insults any-more than I am likely to change.

 So if they’re offensive, as well as a bad player, don’t feel like you have to put up with it, you never know they might even just eventually learn that being offensive has its downside.

And back to my post title….

LFD isn’t playing fair, last night it dumped a level 49 tank called Fflow in Sunken Temple with a group all level 50-53! I’m not even eligable for most of the quests in there! And of course the mobs aren’t exactly low level either. But some good leadership from someone who knew their way around, and some sensible DPSing and excellent healing and we cleared the place; trolls, snake-statues and dragon boss. It took an hour mind! The kicker for me was the last boss dropping a quest for level 55’s, only 6 levels above me!

Only half a level to go to the big five-oh, grind or LFD, that’s the question.

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