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Monday, 2 August, 2010

Palading Tanking

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After noticing that I had several Paladins on my login screen, buy more about and none past any sensible level, sick I thought I’d try Paladining again. Since my Draenei paladin was the highest level he got picked. I did the level grind in the starting area to get him up to level 20. And blimey! Paladin leveling is really really boring at the lowest levels, you don’t get anything new to play with for ages and ages. It’s all press one button (Judgement) every 8 seconds and otherwise just wait.

Anyway I was going to level him Ret and maybe change to healing at some point in the future, but then I changed my mind and I’ve since decided to try to level him as a tankadin through the Looking For Dungeon system. This was the step I missed on my warrior, who leveled Protection but only tanked once before Northrend, consequently I’m terrified of tanking on him.

I must say the cross realm dungeon finder as a tank is pure win. Press the button, wait 5 seconds, and you’re in! And you gain almost a level per dungeon! I’m not sure it’s as fast as leveling through questing, but it is damn close. So that’s my leveling strategy from now on, level through LFG and run around skilling up mining/engineering when I’m not ready to commit the time to dungeoning.

The first dungeon I did was Deadmines – and we completed it! This is the first ever time in my entire WoW playing that I’ve gotten past Smite! Woot!

Since then I’ve run Blackfathom Deeps (twice in the same day), Gnomeregan and a bit of Stockades.

And since three of these were through the Random dungeon selector I also got 3 blue items in the “Bag of useful stuff”, whey hey.

The only downside is that I hardly ever see another Darkspearian, they’re all basically anonymous strangers. Which brings me onto the next point.

Although the LFG tool is nice there are a large number of idiots, several of them seem to be sub-teenage players who have gotten used to storming through the content as fast as possible. The number of times I saw “pull faster”, “pull more” in party chat is quite uncountable.

In Stockades:

Novoss-Alonsus: pull more
Xaphirà-Lightbringer: 2-4 rom attime

meaning he wants us to pull 2 to 4 rooms at a time! I remember doing Stockades and pulling more than one room was a wipe… Unfortunately these kids do have a point, most of the party is in hierlooms and blues, so 2 rooms is definitely possible. Anyway after this impolite exhortation the warrior (Novoss) tootled off and pulled a couple of rooms all on his own… But I was elsewhere and the healer was (as he should be) sticking near me, so our ADHD warrior died. Not a wipe because we picked up his mess. Then like any 12 year spoilt brat he said “have fun and packman l2heal” – what a git, packman was doing fine! Mind you that didn’t stop the party leader immediately saying “tank get your !@# in speed” at which point I’d had enough and responded “sorry, no reason to put up with this, bye!”… party fail.

To be fair, the majority of groups (just) haven’t been bad, but there is a “get it over with as fast as possible” approach that I find irksome.

So, paladin tanking, really nice, at this level (around 25) you have very few spells, pull with taunt/exorcism , consecrate as they get near, Judge your target, and simply refresh Consecrate and Judgement until everything is dead. Giving me time to keep an eye on the healer and taunt any stray mobs. Easy! Much easier than I imagined!

The only difficulty is if
a) you have a warrior who insists on pulling for you – there’s a spell to pull 3 mobs off him
b) More than one mob is after the healer – same spell different target!

What’s difficult? Selecting the target. I think I may need to write a macro or two, just like I do for earth shield on my shaman.

So far I think I shall be continuing to play at being a tank.

Short version:

Paladin Tanking is OK at low levels, LFG tool makes finding a random dungeon instant, you get about 1 level per dungeon. Only downside: impatient kiddies!

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