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Wednesday, 22 September, 2010

On WoW

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Like an awful lot of people I’ve changed my routine in Warcraft, try working on project PallyTank.

I took a break from the dungeon finder from level 55, dentist after a BRD took 2 hours when I only wanted to spend an hour at it. So I’ve quested my way up to level 62 and I think I really should be thinking about doing some tanking again, approved even though the dungeons listed in the finder are mostly Orange!

I’m wondering if I’ve got the time to level this pally up to level 80 before the new content hits. If I really concentrate I guess I might, and then I might not. But what to do when the Cataclysm happens.. Do I

Level up Flowersz so she’s raid ready when every one else is.
Level up Fflow and switch mains to a tank – Heaven forfend.
Start a Worgen and find a “team-worken” group to level with.

Who knows, some of it will depend on what the next few dungeons are like on my Pally.

About the only thing I can really be certain of is that I won’t be playing a caster DPS!


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A very very few of you might possibly have seen that I “like” pogoplug on facebook.

Which isn’t strictly true, cialis 40mg it’s just what you get for pressing buttons at random.

I do have a pogoplug but I’ve not had it quite long enough to say that I “like” it yet. That said, patient it seems to do what it said it would. So that’s definitely a plus point.

Another plus point is that you can install extra software – if you’re fairly tech-savvy and prepared to faff around trying to find out how.

It seems there’s two ways of installing extra programs,

  • Method A: do some faffing and then just install stuff. Your little pink pogoplug works as before with extra bells on it.
  • Method B: do some faffing around and then jsut install stuff. Except your pogoplug is now no-longer really a pogoplug, it’s another linux box. You lose the my.pogoplug function!

Guess which one the “community” has opted for? Now guess which one I went for?

Yup, I bought a pogoplug, and I kinda want it to keep all the original functionality, apparently unlike the real men out there.

Anyhow, so I’ve got this thing and I’ve installed a webserver, all it displays is “hi”, but from little acorns…..

Except, I have a webserver already thank you very much – you’re looking at it. So what do I do with all the groovy programs I can install on the little 4-watt box?

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