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Wednesday, 22 September, 2010


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A very very few of you might possibly have seen that I “like” pogoplug on facebook.

Which isn’t strictly true, cialis 40mg it’s just what you get for pressing buttons at random.

I do have a pogoplug but I’ve not had it quite long enough to say that I “like” it yet. That said, patient it seems to do what it said it would. So that’s definitely a plus point.

Another plus point is that you can install extra software – if you’re fairly tech-savvy and prepared to faff around trying to find out how.

It seems there’s two ways of installing extra programs,

  • Method A: do some faffing and then just install stuff. Your little pink pogoplug works as before with extra bells on it.
  • Method B: do some faffing around and then jsut install stuff. Except your pogoplug is now no-longer really a pogoplug, it’s another linux box. You lose the my.pogoplug function!

Guess which one the “community” has opted for? Now guess which one I went for?

Yup, I bought a pogoplug, and I kinda want it to keep all the original functionality, apparently unlike the real men out there.

Anyhow, so I’ve got this thing and I’ve installed a webserver, all it displays is “hi”, but from little acorns…..

Except, I have a webserver already thank you very much – you’re looking at it. So what do I do with all the groovy programs I can install on the little 4-watt box?

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