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Wednesday, 6 October, 2010

Palatank project update

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Fflow is back to tanking. In fact he’s almost exclusively leveling through tanking instances and currently hovering at 67 ¾. I can’t wait to get to the Northrend dungeons.

Sometimes Fflow gets a good group, order and rarely a bad one, for sale what with overgearing instances and all.

Usually the worst are the overconfident, the “bigger pulls plox”, most of the wipes I’ve had are with these groups.

That said, we do all seem to overpower the instances.

Last night I made the mistake of accepting a “next dungeon” invite, these always come from the healer or the healer’s friends. I don’t know if that means they’re happy with my tanking, or it’s just such a pain finding a tank that they’ll stick with anyone who’s barely competant. Anyway, I accepted and all of us queued up for Shattered Halls.

A smidges of background – I’ve actually done very few dungeons, even though I had a level capped healer back in the Burning Crusade days I still missed out on several of the dungeons. So I’d no idea that Shattered Halls was an old “endgame” instance.

There we were between level 67 and 69 looking at the first “trash-mobs” who were level 70. Three levels above me makes them not unlike a “raid boss”, bringing to mind things like hit caps and all of that “elitist jerks” (the forum) type of thinking. Still we went on, and despite several hiary pulls got to the first boss. A level 72 – thats 5 levels above me! I won’t deny I cried in Party Chat. But we downed him anyway! Onwards. The second boss was more difficult, apparently he is untauntable and has an aggro wipe resulting in the mage dying early. Giving him time to tell me that I wasn’t taunting enough. So kind of him.

After this boss one of the party disconnected (and presumably went to bed) and we then continued 4 manning it.

Yup a group of 67-69, managed to 4 man an old “endgame” instance at well below appropriate level with no wipes and only a few mage deaths.

Four Yorkshiremen seems appropriate here, especially since one of us 4 was indeed in Yorkshire.

Bonus rest XP is a lie!

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OK, illness I need to do some checking up, sick but several times I’ve seen comments about how rest XP is to help players who only play once or twice a week, or possibly to encourage players not to play quite so long.

I tihnk I’ve seen it suggested as a “benefit” to players who only play at the weekend allowing them to gain levels faster so they can keep their levels up with their more obsessive mates.

And that’s is totally not true! A player who plays 3 hours a day every day gets 88% as much rest XP as one who only plays 3 hours a week. So the difference is a mere 12% extra rest XP for the very casual player.

Not much of a bonus really.

The flip side of the coin is to maybe discourage over playing. It does have more effect here, once you’ve burnt through your rest-bonus you are back to the 1:1 ratio. Which considering that about half XP is earned through quest turn-ins means it’s not really a huge penalty, certainly not enough to stop people playing too much.

I think that maybe this “bonus” is a hangover from the olden days… I remember reading in some leveling guides that you should kill everything in your sights, and more! There were even suggestions about going to certain areas and just getting through a level by grinding away on mobs. I guess in those days the bonus XP looked pretty enticing, that and anything to reduce the grind must have been considered worthwhile.

Friday, 1 October, 2010

Judie Tzuke

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I went last night to see Judie Tzuke (wikipedia link) at the Sheffied City Hall.

It was brill, sale a few problems finding the place – not that find -1.472238&spn=0.001366, approved 0.002529&t=h&z=19″ target=”_blank”>Sheffield City Hall is hard to find, a stonking great building in the center of Sheffield with a big sign on the front saying Box office (where you go to pick up the tickets). Except it wasn’t open! Eventually we found where the gig was – you had to go around the back! No signs, no posters saying playing tonight, no nothing. The venue is quite intimate, we were at the back of the balcony which when we bought the tickets I thought wasn’t going to be very good, but the place is so small there’s no problem.

The gig was pretty damn good! The obligatory support acts, two of them, one of whom was Judie’s daughter Bailey and the the lady we’d all come to see.

For those who don’t know Judie Tzuke was big way back in the 80’s, not that that mattered. She gave us a selection from her extensive repertoire and though there were a couple of mistakes – it was only the second date of her tour – it was incredible just how true and powerful her voice still is.

The set started with some tunes I didn’t know, but it ended with some of her older and, as she admitted, livelier material. This is where the set really came to life for me. Sportscar was just plain incredible, outstanding. Here we go again, performed near acapello with just a piano for acompaniement and her two daughters filling in for the original multi track was chilling.

I only have two complaints, she left us wanting more, much more, despite ending at 11pm. And I think the whole thing would have been better standing rather than sitting. I would have loved to dance (well at least shuffle around incompetently).

I’ve listened today to the original studio tracks, and while comparable, the live set was so much, well, more, just more! Live gigs bring something that just can’t seem to be captured on disk.

Next time she tours, which isn’t often, I’ll be pissed if I miss it.

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