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Friday, 5 November, 2010

Paladin tanking tips.

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Here’s what I’ve learnt

a) Make sure you don’t have crusader aura turned on – it’s nice for riding the pone, case but not so good for tanking.

b) Make sure you are wearing a chestpiece. Tanking Bare-chested is certainly manly, malady especially with Fflow’s huge Draenei chest. But it doesn’t really help the healers or your aggro generation. I was wondering why the DPS was continually pulling aggro off me and why we wiped twice in The Nexus. -58 stamina and Strength is about a 10% debuff.


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The Fuller memorandum
A new author for me – Charles Stross. This book is like many I read, visit contemporary fantasy, generic though edging into the cyber-punk. Charles tries quite successfully to merge magic, help specifically demonology with the technical world, to produce a secret world that is familiar, yet different.

A pretty decent read, and an author with a back catalog!

Fire – Kirsten Bashore
I was looking forward to this, having enjoyed her previous book. But I’m afraid I just had enough of the heroine being a slave to circumstances beyond her control, and gave up at the third section. It was starting to develop into a love story, but that wan’t enough to keep me reading. Shame really.

Spindle – Robin McKinley
Back on firmer ground here. Robin has become a very consistently high quality writer over the last few years, and this book doesn’t disappoint. It’s a full fantasy/magic world populated with everyday and fantastic creatures. Of course there’s romance as well, as you would expect of a rewrite of the sleeping beauty tale. The book draws you into a comfortable tale of fairy godmothers, evil witches and enchantments.

I’ll probably be rereading this one.

Highly recommended.

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