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Wednesday, 10 November, 2010

My favourite bit of the Litch King encounter?

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Imagine my surprise when I heard myself comparing 3D films and tv to erotica and porn!

But it’s true, troche 3D can be done sensibly and subtly, here like Avatar, or it can be done like the all of the  “AINT 3D TV GREAT” demos – the ones where the axe comes out of the screen, sits uncomfortably close to your face until your eyes start to ache.

Like erotica and porn, same subject matter, different delivery.
Call me sad, online
but there are two bits of the Litch King encounter in Wrath that always make me smile a little. Both are in the scripted part at the beginning. The first is when Tirion and Arthas are busy waving their swords about and basically hosing the floor down with testosterone.

The second bit is when Tirion says “Champions attack!” and we all stand there, just about as far away as we can possibly be and politely say “No, after you.”

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