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Wednesday, 15 December, 2010


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Well my original plan, tuberculosis way way back in the day, was to take several days off work and level my JC shaman healer most of the way to the cap and try to make a killing on the JC market.

This and that got in the way and I eventually found myself unable to take any days off during the release of Cataclysm, and little time to game at all.

Since then I have leveled a bit and got Flowersz’ Jewelcrafting skill up to the point where she needs to buy recipies to progress any further. And that is a minor problem, you see I didn’t find the daily quest giver until recently so I don’t even have enough “tokens”  to buy a single recipe!

That said, there’s a chance she could still level enough to make a killing, or, alternatively she could just sell the JC gems for what wowhead recons is 600-800 gold each! That’s a lot of gold for a daily and it certainly looks very tempting. The biggest fly in the ointment is having to go to Stormwind to get the daily!

I might level my paladin instead – I’ve got a couple of drops already that he can use and there’s been a couple of byproducts from JC’ing that are suitable for him too.

Still undecided.

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