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Sunday, 5 December, 2010

Level 80

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Well, prostate I was worried a few weeks ago that I wouldn’t manage to complete the palatank project, visit this vis a vis getting Fflow to the level cap before Cataclysm was released. I did make it though, a few days back, making him my second only character to hit the level cap.

Level 80 achieved, I began to buy him some cheap auction house blue quality gear for to start running heroic dungeon. When I suddenly realised that there wasn’t a lot of point. A freshminted tank in blues just wasn’t going to be able to cut the mustard when all of the DPS were going to be in tier 10 epics! I have already had a little experience of this the other day in CoT Culling of Stratholme trying to keep aggro off a full epic Hunter.

Fortunately Cataclysm will be out in a few days and the playing field will level out again after a little bit. Also I’ll get to group with my guildies for a change. And I can legitimately ask them to behave. If they don’t we’ll at least be able to have a laugh about it.

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