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Tuesday, 25 January, 2011

faith restored

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Nothing like a guild run to make you realise that things ain’t so bad.

Halls of Origination, click smoe wipes, prescription particularly on the first boss and a couple of trash wipes. Who would have thought that casting a spell that didn’t even happen because the mob was too far away would still aggro?

Anyway, prostate nice run. No upgrade drops (5 dungeons and only 1 Heroic item equipped!), but that’s pretty irrelevant when you’re having fun.

I’m beginning to love Druid battle Rezzes, I seem to need so many!

Nothing much more to say, except I learnt that mixing Leather and Mail armour means I lose a 5% intellect buff! Dammit Blizzard! I’ve vendored the mail pieces! I’ve got to spend a shedload of justice points now.

On vendoring, you may remember my blab about equipping hit weapons before casting hex? Well it turns out there are very few shaman weapons with +hit, and I vendored a particularly decent quest reward one, some time back. I’m cursing my habit of vendoring stuff that isn’t immediately useful now!

Monday, 24 January, 2011

Heroics are hard (again)

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Tried to PUG two heroics this weekend.

Failed both times.. Tank quit one. And I quite the other.

The other was the boss where you have to stand upwind of the boss. Total fail. I can’t seem to easily see which way the wind is blowing, cheap and when I can see it I get cycloned. Not to mention getting dragon breathed because the tank was facing the boss upwind.


So I did a normal dungeon. It wasn’t a terribly nice experience, online the tank started pulling while I was still changing spec and capped it all off by typing “fail” several times on the last boss when many of us were hit by one of the AOE’s. He finished up by wondering how we could fail more than once.

I pointed out that just maybe we didn’t understand the mechanics. And I also suggested that engaging the last boss while the healer was on 2/3 mana was maybe not a good idea. He didn’t seem overly impressed! Still you’ve got to allow these 10 year olds a bit of slack I guess.  

I didn’t point out that if he had time to comment on our performance during a fight suggested he wasn’t trying quite as hard as he could be. I know as a healer I don’t have any time at all to type in combat.

I hope he was really young, site otherwise he’s got a nasty shock coming when he enters the real world.

So I’m gonna see how Fflow the paladin tank does while leveling instead since it seems I’m having severe problems healing.

Monday, 17 January, 2011

Hex, Bind Elemental

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So the observant will have figured that BOTH of the above spells are offensive spells that a Restoration Shaman is quite likely to have to cast before or combat.

There is a reason for this post, page offensive spells have a baseline miss chance, according to the tooltip for my healer my usual restoration kit has zero +hit stats (and an extra 1% because she’s a draenei) … giving

Hit Chance+1.00%
Hit Rating: 0(+0.00% hit chance)

85: 3.00% – one in 30
86: 4.00% – one in 25
87: 5.00% – one in 20
88/skull: 16.00% miss chance

That means every CC cast has a between a 1-in-20 to 1-in-30 chance to fail.

So I got to thinking… I can swap in and out weapons and relics, perhaps I can do some swapping before and after casting hex to reduce my miss chance.

Swapping in a couple of items from my enhancement set into the weapon and relic slots (Mindshear Shanker, Carnelian Spikes, Exhausted Flashgrowth Mote no gem)  I get a hit rating of 190, changing these figures to

Hit Chance +2.85%

85: 1.15% one in 80 ish
86: 2.15% one in 45
87: 3.15% one in 30

Brinnging the miss chance down to between one in 30 and one in 80, a definite improvement and worth doing — if I can!

Wednesday, 12 January, 2011

cripes, crumbs and carrots again

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And it all started so well!

A guild Heroic run last night, illness yipee! Guild runs are so much better than the strange unidentifiable smell that is PUGs! I was really hopeful that I was going to be able to get a new dungeon under my belt, what with having only run 3 so far, the odds were looking good.

But the random heroic tool decided to fart on me and we ended up in Heroic Grim Batol. A dungeon I’ve actually already run once in normal mode. I waved goodbye to the chance of ticking another dungeon off the list and settled down to doing the do. Some of the comments in party chat suggesting this was a hard heroic were a little worrying, but so what.

It turns out – and you probably knew this already – that Heroic GB is indeed a hard instance. We managed to down the first two bosses, with some difficulty, three or four attempts each, but they did at least have the good grace to bow out under our persistent, yet gently insistent, persuasions.

The third boss though is a right swine! Not only does he run away before his health gets very low,coward that he is! But he comes back with a “friend”, a flippin dragon! Talk about cheating! At this point the fight becomes a little “complicated”, what with dodging the randomly spawning adds, staying out of the two different kinds of strange stuff on the floor and running away from the purple flames (I think even Clifford  would feel doubful about recommending  Listerine?).

Anyway, I found this fight so complicated I was either:

a) running around and not healing enough
b) healing and not running around enough

neither of which seems to be the right strategy!

Tuesday, 4 January, 2011

oh crumbs!

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And crikey! And carrots! Dungeons are hard again!

So here’s some not-news…. I’ve leveled healy Flowersz to the new level cap questing as Enhancement and grabbing the healy gear where possible. So at level cap she was a bit undergeared as both Enhancement and as Restoration.

She’s 525 in mining and JC. Jewelcrafting is not the huge moneyspinner it was at the equivalent time into Wrath. If memory serves me right I was one of the early JC’ers crafting epic rings and neckpieces and making huge amounts of money out of it. In cata the top level rings are only blue and cost a huge fortune in raw materials well out of proportion with the benefits gained in wearing them, anabolics so the market is non-existant.

So that’s crafting, then there’s questing…. which has been quite entertaining.

Reading the quest text has made be laugh out loud a couple of times, Blizzard have gotten still better at providing depth to the leveling experience.

And onto dungeouns … I’ve only done 3 dungeons,


I did stonecore with a Pickup Group (PUG) using the looking for dungeon tool, and that was a shock! No more ROFLSTOMP-ing lots of wipes, and I mean lots!

It would have dented my confidence, but to be honest I was expecting problems. I haven’t read any strategy guides, but  I have read a number of articles saying the Cataclysm dungeons were going to be hard and requiring Crowd Control. Since no-one seemed to be doing any CC in my group it didn’t surprise me that we wiped 8 or 9 times!

Vortex Pinnacle

The next dungeon though was a guild group doing Heroic Vortex Pinnacle. Even after doing a little bit of shopping for a new shield and a couple of other minor necessities I was still undergeared even by Blizzard’s measure. I wasn’t dragged screaming into the dungeon, but I was mildly reluctant.

Unlike the “normal” dungeon though this “heroic” one didn’t go so bad. I was personally responsible for over half of the wipes we did have. Bad placement and not knowing the mechanics of the fights was the main cause. I couldn’t seem to get the hang of “back-to-the-wind”, I tried but it just didn’t seem to work, couple that with a few “chain-cyclones” and we wiped twice on that boss. I also had placement difficulties with the “grounding-field” on the last boss causing an unnecessary wipe there. As is usual with a guild group there didn’t seem to be any bad feeling, and I think they’ll be loads of fun if we get onto vent.

I have to say our tank/party leader (Raq) did an excellent job of marking up the mobs and devising strategy. Hopefully it will go easier next time.

Grim Batol

And my final dungeon of the holidays was a half-pug into Grim-Batol “normal”. This was OK ish, again with the wipes, but I don’t think these were my fault this time – the out-of-guild tank and boomkin were perhaps a little over-eager.

I think theres a long way to go yet before these dungeons become standard fodder, but then if we keep on running them in-guild, as it were, I think they’ll keep us entertained for some time. In difficulty level they’re feeling almost raid level, certainly they’re a lot lot longer the 15 minute races that they became in Wrath, consistently taking over an hour. I can’t decide if I like this, on the one hand they’re a lot more epic and “classic” and on the other hand they require a bit of time commitment to do.

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