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Wednesday, 12 January, 2011

cripes, crumbs and carrots again

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And it all started so well!

A guild Heroic run last night, illness yipee! Guild runs are so much better than the strange unidentifiable smell that is PUGs! I was really hopeful that I was going to be able to get a new dungeon under my belt, what with having only run 3 so far, the odds were looking good.

But the random heroic tool decided to fart on me and we ended up in Heroic Grim Batol. A dungeon I’ve actually already run once in normal mode. I waved goodbye to the chance of ticking another dungeon off the list and settled down to doing the do. Some of the comments in party chat suggesting this was a hard heroic were a little worrying, but so what.

It turns out – and you probably knew this already – that Heroic GB is indeed a hard instance. We managed to down the first two bosses, with some difficulty, three or four attempts each, but they did at least have the good grace to bow out under our persistent, yet gently insistent, persuasions.

The third boss though is a right swine! Not only does he run away before his health gets very low,coward that he is! But he comes back with a “friend”, a flippin dragon! Talk about cheating! At this point the fight becomes a little “complicated”, what with dodging the randomly spawning adds, staying out of the two different kinds of strange stuff on the floor and running away from the purple flames (I think even Clifford ¬†would feel doubful about recommending ¬†Listerine?).

Anyway, I found this fight so complicated I was either:

a) running around and not healing enough
b) healing and not running around enough

neither of which seems to be the right strategy!

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