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Tuesday, 25 January, 2011

faith restored

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:47 pm

Nothing like a guild run to make you realise that things ain’t so bad.

Halls of Origination, click smoe wipes, prescription particularly on the first boss and a couple of trash wipes. Who would have thought that casting a spell that didn’t even happen because the mob was too far away would still aggro?

Anyway, prostate nice run. No upgrade drops (5 dungeons and only 1 Heroic item equipped!), but that’s pretty irrelevant when you’re having fun.

I’m beginning to love Druid battle Rezzes, I seem to need so many!

Nothing much more to say, except I learnt that mixing Leather and Mail armour means I lose a 5% intellect buff! Dammit Blizzard! I’ve vendored the mail pieces! I’ve got to spend a shedload of justice points now.

On vendoring, you may remember my blab about equipping hit weapons before casting hex? Well it turns out there are very few shaman weapons with +hit, and I vendored a particularly decent quest reward one, some time back. I’m cursing my habit of vendoring stuff that isn’t immediately useful now!

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