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Monday, 24 January, 2011

Heroics are hard (again)

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Tried to PUG two heroics this weekend.

Failed both times.. Tank quit one. And I quite the other.

The other was the boss where you have to stand upwind of the boss. Total fail. I can’t seem to easily see which way the wind is blowing, cheap and when I can see it I get cycloned. Not to mention getting dragon breathed because the tank was facing the boss upwind.


So I did a normal dungeon. It wasn’t a terribly nice experience, online the tank started pulling while I was still changing spec and capped it all off by typing “fail” several times on the last boss when many of us were hit by one of the AOE’s. He finished up by wondering how we could fail more than once.

I pointed out that just maybe we didn’t understand the mechanics. And I also suggested that engaging the last boss while the healer was on 2/3 mana was maybe not a good idea. He didn’t seem overly impressed! Still you’ve got to allow these 10 year olds a bit of slack I guess.  

I didn’t point out that if he had time to comment on our performance during a fight suggested he wasn’t trying quite as hard as he could be. I know as a healer I don’t have any time at all to type in combat.

I hope he was really young, site otherwise he’s got a nasty shock coming when he enters the real world.

So I’m gonna see how Fflow the paladin tank does while leveling instead since it seems I’m having severe problems healing.

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  1. sign up for the munqui heroics, coming up from next week! ?

    we may take 3 hours to finish one, but we get there in the end ?

    Comment by Knicks — Monday, 24 January, 2011 @ 3:42 pm

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