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Tuesday, 4 January, 2011

oh crumbs!

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And crikey! And carrots! Dungeons are hard again!

So here’s some not-news…. I’ve leveled healy Flowersz to the new level cap questing as Enhancement and grabbing the healy gear where possible. So at level cap she was a bit undergeared as both Enhancement and as Restoration.

She’s 525 in mining and JC. Jewelcrafting is not the huge moneyspinner it was at the equivalent time into Wrath. If memory serves me right I was one of the early JC’ers crafting epic rings and neckpieces and making huge amounts of money out of it. In cata the top level rings are only blue and cost a huge fortune in raw materials well out of proportion with the benefits gained in wearing them, anabolics so the market is non-existant.

So that’s crafting, then there’s questing…. which has been quite entertaining.

Reading the quest text has made be laugh out loud a couple of times, Blizzard have gotten still better at providing depth to the leveling experience.

And onto dungeouns … I’ve only done 3 dungeons,


I did stonecore with a Pickup Group (PUG) using the looking for dungeon tool, and that was a shock! No more ROFLSTOMP-ing lots of wipes, and I mean lots!

It would have dented my confidence, but to be honest I was expecting problems. I haven’t read any strategy guides, but  I have read a number of articles saying the Cataclysm dungeons were going to be hard and requiring Crowd Control. Since no-one seemed to be doing any CC in my group it didn’t surprise me that we wiped 8 or 9 times!

Vortex Pinnacle

The next dungeon though was a guild group doing Heroic Vortex Pinnacle. Even after doing a little bit of shopping for a new shield and a couple of other minor necessities I was still undergeared even by Blizzard’s measure. I wasn’t dragged screaming into the dungeon, but I was mildly reluctant.

Unlike the “normal” dungeon though this “heroic” one didn’t go so bad. I was personally responsible for over half of the wipes we did have. Bad placement and not knowing the mechanics of the fights was the main cause. I couldn’t seem to get the hang of “back-to-the-wind”, I tried but it just didn’t seem to work, couple that with a few “chain-cyclones” and we wiped twice on that boss. I also had placement difficulties with the “grounding-field” on the last boss causing an unnecessary wipe there. As is usual with a guild group there didn’t seem to be any bad feeling, and I think they’ll be loads of fun if we get onto vent.

I have to say our tank/party leader (Raq) did an excellent job of marking up the mobs and devising strategy. Hopefully it will go easier next time.

Grim Batol

And my final dungeon of the holidays was a half-pug into Grim-Batol “normal”. This was OK ish, again with the wipes, but I don’t think these were my fault this time – the out-of-guild tank and boomkin were perhaps a little over-eager.

I think theres a long way to go yet before these dungeons become standard fodder, but then if we keep on running them in-guild, as it were, I think they’ll keep us entertained for some time. In difficulty level they’re feeling almost raid level, certainly they’re a lot lot longer the 15 minute races that they became in Wrath, consistently taking over an hour. I can’t decide if I like this, on the one hand they’re a lot more epic and “classic” and on the other hand they require a bit of time commitment to do.


  1. I haven’t pugged any yet – but really enjoying the guild runs! I think I’ll stick to them where possible ?

    Healing is definitely harder now and really relies on conserving mana by picking the right spells…especially difficult when I’m trying to learn how to druid heal ?

    It’s nice that it’s more challenging though! I haven’t been brave enough to venture into a heroic yet…

    Comment by Knicks — Wednesday, 5 January, 2011 @ 12:38 pm

  2. Yeah, guild runs are definitely the way to go!

    Comment by Andrew.Rowbottom — Thursday, 6 January, 2011 @ 5:05 pm

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