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Monday, 7 February, 2011

I have a slight flaw in my character, and palatanking

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Like Li Kao in the Barry Hughart books (an excellent read by the way) I have a small flaw in my character. A light was shone upon it this weekend when I tanked a dungeon or three with my Paladin Tank.

It was the first dungeon I’ve tanked in cataclysm, healthful in fact the first in a few months. Anyway I rage quit in the middle of the first encounter when someone had time to type “tank u r shit“. To be fair there was a fairly good reason for the comment as I had just completely failed to master the only mechanic in that fight.

So, glands I was reflecting later on my chosen “roles” in warcraft groups. I play healer as my main and tank as my alt, what I don’t do is play DPS at all. I have a sneaky suspicion that I want to be “special”, thing is, I don’t like being singled out! And that, my friends, is the core part of my flaw, and it leads to rage quitting.

I normally read a lot of healing blogs, and a common theme is that the healer is often blamed for wipes. Now I’ve played tank I can say, the healer only gets blamed if the Tank is doing their job correctly. And, what’s more, the healer gets the cop-out excuse that the DPS are actually probably a significant part of the problem. If the DSP are doing their job and the tank is doing thier job and the group wipes then, yes, it is the healers fault, but there’s also a fair chance that they can claim their gear is simply not good enough.

Anyway, enough about my personality problems.

After the rage quit, I rejoined and got a Black Rock Caverns run. Did the usual, “I’m a noob” speech and the mage volunteered to help me out. We cleared the place without any problems. I really enjoyed the run, there was chat, and not just of the “gogogo” kind, there was Crowd Control too, it was great. I was very surprised at the end when I discovered that I wasn’t just filling in a partial guild run, the atmosphere was that good. We did so well that three of us stayed on and did the run again, with a new healer and a friends DPS. Again it was pleasant with the players poking fun at each other.

So strange. Such a difference in attitude between two groups of randomly picked people. I’m glad I “got right back on the horse”.

Lessons learnt…

I wish I could say that I learnt not to rage-quit, but actually I think I may have learnt the opposite!

I have learnt that my tanking UI is completely useless and messed up.. I’m going to have to spend a couple of hours tidying up and trying out one of those UI’s where the information is just where it’s needed.

I will be tanking again! When it works it’s fun.

I wonder if I should try initiating a “vote-kick” with a reason of  “too impatient”.

Tuesday, 1 February, 2011

ups and downs

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Cataclysm heroics have got me all of a topsy turvy.

I’ll run a couple of heroics and end up with a solid dislike of them, viagra I’ve ended up feeling completely incapable of performing my chosen role as a healer. It feels like I either don’t have enough healing throughput, treat or enough mana, or maybe I’m simply healing the wrong players. It had gotten to the point where after my last run of despair I was seriously considering at changing to DPS and letting someone else worry about how the hell they’re supposed to heal.

Then I get a run where everything clicks, I run out of mana on the last heal just as the boss dies or ,in one case, I end up on full mana and was trying to find where I’d hidden my Lighting Bolt. (4th row, 3 in from the left)

Last night’s run was the latter, of course, otherwise this would have been a very different post.

I’m not saying we didn’t wipe, at least twice through my very personal fault.. Draenei tail pulls are a particular speciality of mine. Other wipes were random disconnects and some were because we were trying ‘Zerg’ tactics on a boss, (worked on the 3rd attempt)! I even got a couple of upgrades! The first upgrades I’ve had since my first ever heroic. So now I’m not feeling so useless.

It *could* just be because I spent loads-of-money on enchants for every single piece of gear and reforged all the mastery into haste, but that would be really badly downplaying the rest of the group who were playing at raid standards.

One of the problems with being a healer, and a tank too I guess, is that you don’t have anything to compare against. You can’t see how the healing should have been managed. There’s no place where you can go to see which player shouldn’t have been getting heals. You can’t even take a look at the healing meters and decide if you’re underperforming. Because, at the end of the day, there’s absolutely no where to see just what your healing should have looked like.

And if the party wipes there’s a pretty clear causual line to not getting enough healing, a fact that Pugees seem all to aware of!

Maybe this will change as we all start to get better gear. Maybe not.

I suspect that healers will become almost as rare as tanks in pickup-groups. I already know there are a number of tanks that never PUG, and the new level of difficulty may well make healers decide likewise … I know of guildies that never PUG, and my experience with PUGs is pushing me in the same direction, it’s already rare that I join Looking For Group.

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